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Another Day In Paradise

Nothing like a good o'l tropical + space combo which for me is one of the few things I can work on without getting annoyed by it :D An appeal in both always has me coming back and they're often some of my favourites to make :)

And this one is being the sixth in row is a testament to that I think, time came around again for another one of my yearly birthday submissions, where I create a place for myself just for the hell of it, back to a daytime theme again since the last four years ago :faint: The scenery has improved though, and hopefully I will age as gracefully for a while longer with it =p

I actually did seek some degree of real experience as inspiration for this, not that I've ever been anywhere just like it but close enough. A clear day isn't the most dramatic situation but I love how it shows everything in good detail, really allowing me to show off the colours of the scenery, the day ones usually are more about the scene than the space, but the sky sure felt empty before creating some nearby worlds for it 8-)

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no I can't live there, I was born on earth instead


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A fantastic work of art!!!! Bill

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Beautiful fairy world!Hug Heart 
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I can think of a phrase to describe this piece: weird and wonderful.:D (Big Grin) 
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I found this a few years ago and I still love it.  It is the stuff of dreams.  Thank you.
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Glad you remember it!
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WOW. Just fucking WOW. 
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its like i can touch this
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A planet has been found!
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Theoretically, an inhabited moon around a "Hot Jupiter" (a term for a gas giant located much closer to its Sun than are any of the gas giants in our own Solar System) could actually look something like this.
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I remember Avatar was based off that idea. I like it, but I wonder what the temperature variations would be as it orbits around the giant planet (if it's far out from it enough)
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Totally an exotic paradise.
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Wonderfully done.
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I'll make my home here! Good artwork.
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Awesome and Beautiful. :D

It has a very Final Fantasy type vibe to it too.
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You're welcome. ;D
that's a nice earth-like planet at the distance and the place with the too familiar palm trees could have been a empty moon where human colonists terraformed it to make it more habitable, hence the earth palm trees and water.
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Sounds like a good possibility to me :nod:
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It is fantastic work ! :)
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