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Finally it's time for me to be able to show off a new calendar, after working on this one for months, keeping its artwork in secret the whole time to make sure its fresh and original in the eyes of potential buyers ;) Just like I did before, four years ago (so much for making a new one every 2 years like I promised myself)

Focusing on what I'm best at, this calendar is about hypothetical planets that have the potential to actually exist. I wanted to go far out, but to the point of the impossible or ridiculously unlikely. Having said that,some artistic choices did trump a few scientific ones, but overall I wanted to establish a mood of realism, but also a tribute to the days of traditional sci-fi and space themed artwork which always had an interesting style and equally bizarre concepts :)

There was supposed to be a Flash presentation for this just like there was for the last one, but that fell through. Another way to view the artwork inside so you know what you're getting is to click "buy print" (don't worry, you won't actually buy it unless you follow all the further prompts, you'll just be taken to the shop page) the months will be listed below, just click the month to see the artwork for it.

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All artwork featured in the calender is made by me and copyrighted. Please do not use, modify or sell my artwork without my permission
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its awesome ! :D :D :D
Emilyahedrick's avatar
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clap remake 1b this one is even more amazing! :love:! the landscapes are just breathtaking! an absolute success! so much packet beauty & creativity :la:
i'm in awe! great work :D
Chromattix's avatar
Yeah this one is more current and therefore the better of the two calendars released so far I think. Glad you liked e'm both though :)
portisHeart's avatar
impossible not to like them, you have massive talent :D
Planetrix's avatar
Oooooooooooh.  Damn, that's tempting.  Will you be posting these scenes to dA later, or can we only see this work in the calendar?
Chromattix's avatar
So far all my calendar works are exclusive to the calendars (I feel that's the only incentive people will have to buy them :shh:
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November... Just wow. omfg
LuispicardLS's avatar
nothing´s gonna change my world....
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I loved the last one you did so much I can't wait to check this one out :D I still think your last one has some of the best original styled spaceart on dA.
Chromattix's avatar
I'm still pretty fond of the last one, but this one is a step up in the realism department I think. It's too bad I couldn't get a Flash presentation of it made like with the last calendar though since I think this one is more deserving of it =p
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Heh, my favorite illustration is also the one used on my birthday's month (May). It caught my attention the most because it sort of reminds me of some places on Gran Pulse in Final Fantasy XIII :D
Chromattix's avatar
Hmm, sounds odd of me to say this - but I'm not familiar with that place ^^; Glad your favourite landed on your birth month though, since there's only a 1 in 12 chance of that happening ;p
HystericalMellotron's avatar
Now that you've said that....I remember you did said somewhere here on DA that you haven't played much FF, despite your avatar and all (don't be scared, my memory is really good at reminding trivial/random stuff). My bad >_<
Chromattix's avatar
That's true. I kinda became infatuated with FF's characters more than the games themselves, which were too hard for me to really bother with 9based n the few I actually tried :ashamed:)

Plus I tend to avoid most games that take 300+ hours to finish, hence why I could never get into the Pokemon games even though I did like everything else relating to it :XD:
HystericalMellotron's avatar
I did fanart of some stuff I've never played/watched, so I understand that :nod:
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I clicked "Buy this print" but am only seeing the option to add it to the shopping cart - which I did, but even then, I'm not seeing a way of viewing the individual months. I'd love to get a look at those because I'd absolutely love to buy this and/or the other 2016 space calendar you've done!
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It might depend on what device you're using, or some potential bugs, but I tried it on my end again and it worked for me. After clicking "Buy this print" - don't bother with any of the stuff on the right side of the page (unless you want to <i.actually</i> buy it of course ;)) And just look at the image itself again - the names of the months should appear as links that can be clicked which will change the artwork preview to that of the corresponding month :)
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looks like a movie title!
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Do you take art students?
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