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iPhone Video Concept

Just an iPhone Video Concept, made with Photoshop CS4

Update: buttons on the left of the iPhone :)
Update 2: New effects for the glossy screen and home button =D
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This seriously needs to be looked at by apple get credited from this comfy looking device.
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Vrm cool! J'aime.
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I love it. I miss the concave back on the iPhones.
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I wish this would came out then the boxy iPhone4 with the hardware antenna recall
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I like it. Good design.
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Pretty amazing. Congrats. :)
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WOW! If this were a product, I would own it. Full stop. Nice work

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Very nice concept.

Sleek and thin, and the bend would give it good palm grasp too.
Are there any exact measurements? Worth a favorite from me, by the way.

I would suggest making the frame of the screen a tad wider, so that more speaker/square area can be adjusted, likewise, it would take some getting used to for the back bend, and other that that, It's beautifully executed.

Good Job~
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J'en veux un comme ça.
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this is beautiful!

simply excellent! this should actually be submitted to apple, it looks so much cleaner and nicer and with the different choice of black too! :D

a great job, should be real!
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Awesome! I'd like to see this become a reality.
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Nice going....:D Keep it up...:hug:

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Ton concept a été réutilisé sur des sites de high tech pour illustrer notamment les rumeurs sur un nouvel iPhone ! Tu peux passer sur il y a un article avec ta créa et un lien vers le site en question !
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J'ai vu ca, ils ne m'ont pas cité, n'ont pas mit de lien vers ma créa, ont coupé l'image (on voit plus mon logo) et ont même rajouté une copie d'écran de l'interface...
Je pourrais être riche.
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Simply beautiful!
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Super ! :D l'observer c'est l'adopter :)
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Tout simplement parfait ! Attendons de voir à quel point l'iPhone s'amincira au fil du temps...
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Sympa ce concept, moi je l'aurai plutôt appelé l'iPhone Air, en référence au fameux macbook air :)
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really nice concept
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