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Scale Brush Pack 1



It's a two upload day from me!

On my latest dragon picture I decided to draw some fish-like scales to make a smooth texture. They were very uniform and started to get a bit tedious...
But then, I realized that I might be able to simplify the process and let Photoshop do a bit of work for me. So, I took the time to make a few brushes for some scale highlights. ;)

I do not recommend using these brushes to try and cover anything, but they work rather well when used to make small highlights, or as a base for other hand drawn scales in the area.
The first three brushes emphasize the middle scale, to try and show a bit of curvature underneath the scales.

I've had a bit of fun looking around at various brushes lately, but I haven't seen any scale brushes that don't act like stamps so I thought I'd share these with everyone.

Sadly, these brushes do not work with Photoshop 7.

As far as terms of use go, I'm rather easy going.
You can use them in your art, and on prints without restriction.
You may not repackage or redistribute these brushes without permission.

If you use them, citing me as a source or posting a link so I could see your work would be nice.

I hope you enjoy the brushes! :D