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Open Skies

By Chromamancer
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After seeing a few references to "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", I decided to check it out.
That was a GOOD decision.

So, now it's time for some Rainbow Dash fanart. I tried a few things in this piece that are different from my normal style. This was a quicker piece, but I had a lot of fun playing around with the colors in this one.

Confound those ponies! They drive me to attempt new things artistically. :la:
Enjoy. :)
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Overall it's brilliant piece of art! The sky and clouds are wonderful, the colors are great and makes a great atmosphere! But the main problem is Rainbow Dash herself. She looks like she was cut in the scenery from some another place. The reason is the shadow. Rainbow's shadows don't match the world's light source, also It should be much more deeper.
And It's impossible to not say that Rainbow Dash's mane is to rough and doesn't give a sensation of hair. It should be more curved, also shadow is needed on the mane and tail too.

In two words: Amazing background but the lack of proper shadows and highlights on Rainbow Dash makes her look kinda out of the place.
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Thank you very much for the critique. :)

I've just uploaded a minor update. I've added a bit more shading and lighting to Rainbow Dash, and I've toned back the texture on the buildings a bit. I think that helps deter that pasted-on look that she had before.

I made some slight changes to the mane and tail, but no major modifications... I always I think of spiky hair on her. She isn't perfectly on-model, but I think changing the tail position made the piece a little less dramatic, when I tried it.

Overall, it should look much more consistent now. Thank you again for your input. :D
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The optimistic mood in this picture cheered me up quite a bit :) so: Thank you for drawing this. 

Also: Dash looks cool as always :D 
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love it. Although it seems you drew her cutie mark reversed.
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*Brohoof* :D Awesome !
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incredible artwork!
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I really love this piece. I must respectfully disagree the criticism of the shadows on Rainbow Dash. She needs to standout from the rest of the scene, much the same way old films always made sure to cast light on an actor's eyes even in dark scenes. Also, I love her highlights and the way they make her glow ever so slightly from the rising sun. And her expression is fantastic - looking at the new day in egar anticipation of the great fun she'll have flying through those clouds. Most excellent work!
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Excellent job on the artist, i give you tons of praise for it, definitely follow you now.
I also love the style of the dragon pictures and some of your wallpapers!
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Thank you very much. :D

It's an honor to hear that you're enjoying my art.
I'll do my best to continue improving.
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i usualy hate ponies (and all art that refers them) , but i gotta say you made this pic look pretty good!
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Thank you very much.
It's an honor to hear that you enjoy this piece anyway. :)
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Very cool artwork!
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It was a fun piece of fanart to make.
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Love the colors and pony design. It has a very original feel to it, while still being a fan art to MLP FiM.
Also some of the reactions people have been having is hilarious. I too have surprised others (fellow colleagues)
but over time they realize that the show isn't that bad.
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Thank you.

Seeing the reactions to this piece is one of the best parts. I just finished up another piece of fan art today, so I'll get to see another round of those now. ;)
So far, everyone that I know that has given the show a chance has really enjoyed it.
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I love the colors in this, and the angle of the clouds really makes the scene open up
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Thank you.

I was somewhat inspired by the style of clouds in Wind Waker. It was a fun challenge because the style is a bit different from what I usually draw.
I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. :)
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Thank you very much. :)
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this is simply awesome the colors make it pop!
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Haven't talked to ya in forever. Hel-Pup here. I actually ended up spotting this on /r/mylittlepony and recognized your name! Hope you're doing well!
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Awesome! It has been a while since I talked to you.
How have you been?
You've been enjoying Friendship is Magic, as well, then?

I apologize for the slow reply...
I've been distracted with a large project I've been working on, and Skyrim, of course.
One of these days I'll be all caught up on my messages again.
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Its really neat:D
Im glad you like the series:)Rainbow Dash looks really cool in your style:)
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