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Onyx -Lineart-

Line art from [link]

I've uploaded it at full resolution, to give people a bit more freedom when working with it. :)
If you color this, please leave a comment or note, so I can see how it turned out. Citing me as the source of the line art would be nice, too.

Colored by :icondemonmudkipsrox: [link]
Colored by :icondigizilla: [link]
Colored by :iconmelinon: [link]
Colored by :iconheli-horse: [link]
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Used XD  Red Dragon

I used your old background, hope you don't mind ;)
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Used for a gift to my friend : whispererofdragons.deviantart.…
I drew her OC,p and I changed lines,I hope that is ok,because I draw digital art on tablet and drawing line arts with hand is hard for me.I write in description how the base is made by you.Nice art btw! :)
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Would it be ok to make adoptables for usd? This art is amazing!
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I may have time for a go at this one. Besides a big generous size, another clever thing here is to not have a background but rather, see what the individuals finishing it can do there.

Nice work' to the four artists who have made versions of this to date.
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Have fun with it. :)
I might have to try making a few new line art pieces like this some time...
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Completed and posted at


Thanks again.
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Very nicely done on the lineart...may have to give coloring it a shot if it's ok w/ you & the coloring done by the both of them was very nice as well although I personally preferred digizilla's as it more closely resembles my personal style & tastes. Keep up the good work & look forward to seeing more from you.
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Thank you very much. :)

It's totally OK with me if you color it. That's why it's up here, after all.
If you show me the piece you make, I'll add a link to it in the comments here, like the others.
Seeing those variations and ideas are rather fun, I think.
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what brush did you use?
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To make the line art here?
It was actually a custom brush I made. It's a hard brush, but it is wider than it is tall, to give things a little more shape than a perfectly round brush.
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okay, I'm searching for the perfect brush :la:
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I like the contrast between the purple dragon and orange sky.
Thank you very much for the link. :D
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okay, your just REALLY pro, period
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Thank you. :)
I'll always do my best to keep improving, though.
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I'm glad you like the line art. :)
You can color it if you want.
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Wonderful lines! Thanks for sharing. <3 I may try to give this a go sometime. ^_^
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I'm glad you like them. :)
Just send me a message if you color them, and I'll post a link in the comments here.
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Oh trust me, I shall share. <3
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god this loooks like it would be fun to colour. Very nice
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I'm glad you like it.
Just send me a note if you decide to color it, and I'll post a link in the comments here. :)
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Wow, can't wait to see it coloured, it already looks great as lineart.
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