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By Chromamancer
Speedpaint 5/7/13
Time: 4:16

For this speedpaint, I decided to revisit an older piece of mine. I really like the idea, but I thought I could do much better with it now, compared to a few years ago.
I think it turned out much better. The process behind this piece has been saved, on Livestream. [link]

The awesomely punny title was suggested in the livestream by Tempo. [link]
I'm rather pleased with the result. It hardly seems like a speedpaint, in a way. :)
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Hey, I made a instagram account called bookdragonnotworm  and I was looking for a profile picture for it and my blog page... could I use this photo? I will make sure to note you :O :) thanks let me know 
Jodagon-Drago's avatar
This is an awesome drawing. In fact, it is so awesome a merging of my 2 favorite things, I want to use it as a custom Wells Fagro Card. Can I have your permission for that?
kitenik87's avatar
We need a comic, or at least shortstory, so inspiring.
Lord-DracoDraconis's avatar
Love the tiny glasses he's wearing!!!
risingstar1011's avatar
Poor thing needs a projector, or at least a proper stand and a magnifying lens.
LeviaStar237's avatar
This is great! :D Keep up the good work!
Crimson-Dragon-King's avatar
Very Nice, Job I like reading and dragons! :icondragonhappyplz:
LtDimitri's avatar
Strangely adorable, even though he's probably, like, hundreds or thousands of years old.
OfTheWilds's avatar
Wonderful work! Always love to see dragons taking time out for their own reading!
GuruMat's avatar
It's Tiberius Stormwind!
Chromamancer's avatar
It sort of is!
That's a fun unplanned surprise. :D
Lord-DracoDraconis's avatar
That would totally be me if I was a dragon I think.
I-am-Draycos's avatar
That's absolutely charming. Love the idea and I'm amazed you did it that quickly. :)
RageInflictor's avatar
Ooo, I really like this one, the concept and angle are fantastic!
Azadori's avatar
Aww, the dragon looks so interested in whatever its reading! :3
Love your bookwyrm!  I write a book review blog called The Bookwyrm's Hoard, so I've started to "collect" (i.e., favorite on DeviantArt) good pictures of bookwyrms in particular and dragons in general.Submit Comment 
REINDE-ER's avatar
    Haha. That is a very punny title. :giggle:
    Great work! Great atmosphere.
Jcbq's avatar
*low whistle* this is quite impressive. And the more I look at it the more it seems like a stained glass window... in a library for the most punny effect.
KevinRollins's avatar
Ha! I get it! The title! It's hilarious. And punny. Very very punny.
Chromamancer's avatar
I'm glad you enjoy this one.
Adreos's avatar
They way you have dragons doing common everyday things is just awesome! And you always pull it out off so well too.
Chromamancer's avatar
Thank you very much!
It's hard to think of everyday things that are as interesting or fun as this, though.

I mean, a morning cup of coffee might be neat, but it doesn't have that special fantasy quality. ;)
Adreos's avatar
It does if the dragon is using their fire breath to warm up the cup.
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