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Windows 7 StylerToolbarEspanol

Windows 7 Styler Toolbar Espanol for Windows XP

Translation by FredyAngel

6 Skins:
- Basic
- Glass
- Light
- Transparent (depends on theme)
- Only Toolbar
- Only Toolbar with Navigation


Other Languages:

English: [link]
German: [link]
Danish: [link]
Italian: [link]
French: [link]

Using ernasco's Aero Seven Xp theme [link]
deskmundo's SevenXP Visual Style [link]
© 2008 - 2021 chrizlu
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Probably the best Styler toolbar skin I ever used,... and still in use!! I tested so many and this is greatly usefull and easy to configure. A charmy work. Thanks and waiting for your future proyects.
RivenRoth740's avatar
thank u for make it real!
i was wishing something like this
¿how to install this toolbar? thanks
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Download and install "Styler".
Copy the skinfolders in C:\Program Files\Styler\TB\skins\
Right-click on the xp toolbar and activate "StylerToolbar".
Choose the skin you like
Gonza5501's avatar
Not many artists remember to make versions of their work in other languages, thank you.
que pro graciaz
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sry, i dont understand spanish ^^
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how can I change the language of a skin wmp11 (wmploc.dll ).... for example the English into Spanish? I hope your news soon .. thanks
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in wmp you change a system file, thats no skin like in the styler toolbar.
In wmp the language is set in this wmplocc.dll together with the skin, so the complete file has to be translated
maybe youll find someone who can do this
magnus87's avatar
Ohhh in spanish :D, great Work
Can you make a version for Ksoft Mac Finder ToolBar? ^^

Thanks Amigo:P
chrizlu's avatar
sry, but i will stick to styler toolbar, so i wont make a skin, maybe later ^^
magnus87's avatar
Oks, no problem :D
FredyAngel's avatar
Thanks for do IT!
spain08's avatar
thanks friend... very beautiful
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