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Too bad, Twilight is preoccupied with her studies. She could meet some interesting ponies instead.

This is, what I imagine, the backside of the castle could look like with the town in front, built on a terrace on the mountainside.
And Yes: Twilight doesn't know her friends yet. So this must be pre-show, I guess.

As always done in Blender(2.65), rendered as one single image in Cycles.
Textures made with Inkscape and Gimp2.
Post-work with Gimp2
I used Textures from [link] . Big thanks to the respective artists.
Mlp:FiM by Hasbro

Thanks for watching

More than 24 hours up. Time for a little secret.
But first I'll answer one faq:

Q.Are there all of the mane6 on this pic?
If you have trouble, finding them, then:
1st: download the full version!
2nd: Investigate the monument in the middle! It shows, where you can "see" them.;)
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Is it a map ? =O or did you set all of this up ? The result is just magnifique !

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I've found Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Apple Jack, and Rainbow Dash, but where the hay is Rarity?
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You should re-render this with modern hardware in a bigger resolution!
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That is an insane amount of detail.

10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle amounts of detail.
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If this was some sort of game map, I would love to explore it.
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This would have been a KICKASS Gmod/TF2 map! :D
You did an awesome job in this.
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You're welcome! :D
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Dang, you and your scene setups.  Wow.
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so what do you want these maps used for? they looks so nice,isn't it?
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I've only discovered this today. I think it's a contender for the top of my all-time favorites!  :D
If ever there was a big budget game or moive like this. I'd buy it.
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I have no words .... if these models were used on SFM ... wow would be a dream .
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The only reason I found this picture is because I searched for Candy Apple on derpibooru. I'm so glad I did because I seem to have found an incredible artist.
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Haha. Thanks!
I know, there are a lot of tags on this one.
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I really want to go there! It looks so real
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I really want to go there! It looks so real
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Oh my god

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Holy carp! Everything from the positioning of the mane 6 in relation to the sculpture to the dirt lodged in the carpet pile! That's attention to detail even Twilight could appreciate!
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Reminds me of two levels from Sly 4.
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Christ, this has to be the single most detailed 3d render of a pony town I have ever seen. I can only imagine what sort of effort this took. My deepest respect.
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*jaw drops* ...
Absolutely amazing! You could probably use this setup for a dozen different scenes and angles!
And if somehow art like this made it into a game... well...
Let's just say that I would have some serious sleep deprivation.
Anyway, yay for you. Well done. Have my yes. All of it.
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The detail in this is incredible!! Just saw this featured on EqD. I'm on my phone atm; can't wait to get home and check this out on the big monitor.
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