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Published: March 20, 2013



Want the chance to have your art in a book? Read on!

One of my closest friends is graduating this summer (for some reason, all my friends and I graduate at different times, despite being of similar age), and thus I would like to give her something special as congratulations gift. Since she is a huge fan of anime and manga - she is particular fond of the InuYasha series - I figured it should be somehow related to this. Unfortunately, I am not the best at drawing, though I too will participate, and I would also like to present something with variety, so this is where you artists come in - I will pay you for contributing to this gift project;

Overall Theme:
InuYasha - a Feudal Fairy Tale

Any InuYasha character is welcome

Medium & Style:
Anything and everything is welcome

Please let it be of highest/best resolution

I reserve the right to turn down anything

Between 0-300 points; give me a reasonable offer

I must have all submissions in place before June!

I am only paying for the right to use/print your artwork in this sole project, I have no intention of actually owning the piece. Therefore it is up to you what happens to your work afterwards, and watermarks are accepted too. Also, it is okay to use older works / works made prior to this project. However, I will not accept any bases, screenshots, etc. - anything that has not been created by you. Yes, I will check.

If interested, please contact me through comments and/or direct messages - and if you got any questions, feel free to ask me!

And should you know someone who might be interested, please direct them to here. Also, if you are aware of any decent InuYasha prints on dART, please tell me the links~

Please tell me your offers/final payment estimation and when you want to get paid - once you are finished, tell me, and I will note you with my mail address to which you send the full resolution of your artwork(s).

List of Participants:
adoptionbymika (1 one-character chibi drawing, 80points)
Akeita (4 one-character drawings, 450points)
AkiTanuki (1 one-chibi, 1 one-character drawing, 40points)
AliciaDelBosque (1 two-characters drawing, 300points)
ava-vav (1 two-characters drawing, 200points)
Chantelligence (1 drawing, for free~<3)
Ari-woof (1 one-character drawing, 55points)
DaphneShaggyDoo (2-3 drawings, 30points per piece for free)
FullyCustom (1 multi-character drawing, 60points)
Drerika (1 chibi, 1 bust/headshot, 140points)
GioFD (1 one-character headshot sketch, giveaway prize)
Ghibli--Fan (1 one-character drawing, 75points)
GYRHS (1 one-character drawing, 250points)
InuTrashaXD (1 one-character + 1 two-characters drawings, 175points)
Juney-chan (1 two-characters + 1 one-character drawings, 600points)
JustLemon (1 one-character drawing, 100points)
Kallian91 (1 one-character drawing, 260points)
keybladesword (1 one-character sketch, 300points)
Yusmila (2 one-character drawings, 30points 1 drawing, 18points)
lady-blackwings (1 one-chibi-drawing, 300points)
LennyThynn (1 one-character drawing, 75points)
LordColorpuke (1 one-character drawing, 318points)
littlesugarcat (1 drawing, 150points)
LIZ94 (working for free <3 )
ShadowHachia (chibis, 75points)
Miyori999 (2 drawings, 100points)
natred106 (1 one-character drawing, free?)
cortella (1 one-character drawing, 200points)
PaolaPieretti (7 drawings, 900points)
amberriess (1 two-characters chibi drawing, 160points)
Pinlin (1 sketch, 200points)
rinadon (1 drawing, for free/request)
SapphireAngelBunny (1 one-character drawing, 300points)
SchneeAmsel (5 drawings, for free<3)
Scootie-chan (1 two-characters drawing, 400points)
see03 (1 two-characters drawing, 300points)
Shadow72 (1 one-character drawing, 200points)
SkittleBittle (1 multi-chibi-characters drawing, 300points)
SparkyGoesRawr (1 two-characters drawing, request/free)
Squitopus (2 one-chibi-character drawings, 140points)
MonsterRage840 (1 drawing, for free/request)
vainia (1 one-chibi-character drawing, 300points)
whispering-emotions (3 one-character drawings, 300points)
xXChiharuDawnXx (150points per piece)
YamatoJay (1 two-characters chibi drawing, 23points)
UntappedChaos (1 one-character drawing, 300points)
Xiila (1 two-characters drawing, 200points)
Zitara11 (1 drawing, for free/request)

SweetCandyART (1 drawing, for free/request)
The-Insomiac-Artist (2 one-character drawings, 600points - 300 given)
VandaMissNeko (1 drawing, for free/request)

2DSpacePrincess (2 one-character drawings, 160points)
crimson-butt (1 one-character chibi drawing, 40points)
WeepingBlades (1 drawing, 150-200points)


Those Summer Days by whispering-emotions Sesshoumaru by whispering-emotions Defeat by Water by whispering-emotions Inuyasha  Commission by keybladesword Too much dreaming by AliciaDelBosque InuKag by InuTrashaXD Keh by InuTrashaXD Commission :: Shippo and Kirara by see03 Dreamer Inuyasha by natred106 Inuyasha Chibi by LordColorpuke :thumb363210384: Com: Inuyasha - Chibi 1 by Squitopus Com: Kagome - Chibi 1 by Squitopus [PC] Let The Battle Begin by Akeita Commission: Sango by The-Insomiac-Artist Kagome and the Shikon Jewel by vainia [ PC ] InuYasha Shipo by Akeita :thumb368340669: [ PC ] InuYasha Kagome by Akeita Chibi Commission 7 by adoptionbymika Commission- CHRISwillar by Ghibli--Fan Shippo by Zitara11 .:Kagome Higurashi::Commision:. by xXChiharuDawnXx [PCM] Kagome for CHRISwillar by UntappedChaos InuYasha by Scootie-chan Happy Holidays by Miyori999 Power of a Demon by Miyori999 :thumb371957007: Kirara Request by MonsterRage840 Kagura by rinadon Yura commission by littlesugarcat InuYasha chibi by LIZ94 Ai no Hana by Chantelligence Just Like This by Juney-chan In Your Arms by Juney-chan Don't Say by PaolaPieretti Curse by PaolaPieretti Now We Are Free by PaolaPieretti Miko Kagome by PaolaPieretti Hurt by PaolaPieretti Beast by PaolaPieretti Shadow of the Moon by PaolaPieretti Protectorates by DaphneShaggyDoo Inuyasha by SapphireAngelBunny InuKag Week - Epic by SchneeAmsel InuKag Week - Sleep by SchneeAmsel Inu Yasha Doujinshi - Morning Rays - Cover by SchneeAmsel :thumb136092542: Inuyasha Kagome - care for you by SchneeAmsel Reckless Abandon by Shadow72 [ PC ] InuYasha by Akeita

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AzukiOsekihanaChan's avatar
AzukiOsekihanaChan Digital Artist
Will there be another chance for this to happen again? I won't mind joining in the next one. ^_^
KearereChan's avatar
KearereChanProfessional Digital Artist
oops i haven't read the comments below >.< ... ptw it's too late i wich i saw it earlier Sweating a little... 
KearereChan's avatar
KearereChanProfessional Digital Artist
is it still open ? cause i draw this pic of inuyasha lately if you want to add it Pinkie Chibi Pie Dancing…
kura-ou's avatar
kura-ouStudent Digital Artist
Awww, I saw this too late ^^;
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Aww, that's a shame, I really like your style... ^^;
Aeroflaire's avatar
AeroflaireHobbyist General Artist
does this mean we can just submit you any work of inuyasha we do?
Because I'm working on an idea I had, an inuyasha style half demon. A female tiger half breed. May I submit it when I am finished?
Or am I misunderstanding the meaning of this commission thing?
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Ohh, I'm sorry, this is already over; the book has been printed and given away - but thank you for your interest! :D
Aeroflaire's avatar
AeroflaireHobbyist General Artist
oh okay. thanks anyway :)
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Aeroflaire's avatar
AeroflaireHobbyist General Artist
Scootie-chan's avatar
Scootie-chanHobbyist General Artist
Awww, I bet this is gonna be one hell of a book~
So many wonderful drawings here~<3333
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Yup! 50+pages, filled with the work of 48 artists~ :love:
Scootie-chan's avatar
Scootie-chanHobbyist General Artist
That is so awesome~<33333
I certainly hope your friend likes it~ **
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Here's the result! ~.^
Scootie-chan's avatar
Scootie-chanHobbyist General Artist
I saw~<333
Thank you soooooo much~ TwT
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Thank YOU! :cuddle:
Scootie-chan's avatar
Scootie-chanHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome sweety~<3
Akeita's avatar
AkeitaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello;; I'm so sorry for the delay but may I please ask how much time do I have before the deadline? Thank you <33
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Uhh, honestly not that much time.. I'm going to sleep now, and then tomorrow I'll put the book together ^^;
SchneeAmsel's avatar
SchneeAmselStudent Digital Artist
uhm, I just noticed the resulution of my pictures isn't that high because I scale them down before posting. If you tell me the pictures you would like to use (as long as you want to use any ^^;) I'll send you the pictures in their original size.
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Oh, sure thing! :meow:
I like these in particular:

Will note you my mail~
SchneeAmsel's avatar
SchneeAmselStudent Digital Artist
Okay, you've got mail :aww:
I hope your mailbox can handle them. the pictures are really big xD
CHRISwillar's avatar
CHRISwillarHobbyist General Artist
Got them! Once again, thank you~ :tighthug:
SchneeAmsel's avatar
SchneeAmselStudent Digital Artist
Hey :aww:

I hope I'm not to late because if you like you can use my Inuyasha pictures too :meow:
Most of them (these pictures with the download-button on the right) are protected under a creative commons license, what means you are alowed to them as long as:
1. Credit is given in writing stating "Picture by Schnee Amsel"
2. A link is provided to my Website
3. All other conditions under the Creative Commons license are met (no modifications, no commercial uses)

and you don't need to give me points because it would make me so happy to know there's someone out there with a book that shows my drawing :aww:
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