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Listen... Do you smell something?

By Chriswerx
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This was a really difficult one for me! Bit off a little more than I can chew to tell the truth, and my painting is a little more messy than I like. I was wanting to make something reminiscent of some of my old D&D memories. Got a lot of practice trying to relight the scene, but was really rushed this week with work really piling up, so did my best with the self imposed time limit. There's a pretty big list of stock used for this, so let me give credit to all the fantastic providers!

The Archer was provided by jagged-eye and can be found here: [The Archer]
The Rogue and Barbarian were provided by mjranum-stock and can be found here: [Adventerous] and here: [Barbarian]
The Wizard was provided by Grinmir-stock and can be found here: [Zatnikatel II]
The Cleric and Archway were provided by Elandria and can be found here: [SpiritMaster] and here: [Island Retreat]
The Knight was provided by AilinStock and can be found here: [One Knight]

The foreground was provided by StockStockStuff and can be found here: [Columns]
The building ruins were provided by chasmdeep and can be found here: [Ruins 43] here: [Ruins 40] and here: [Ruins25]
And Finally the cave was provided by wax-wing and can be found here: [Cave 6]

Thanks again to all the awesome stock providers and I hope you all like it! :)

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hi dear, thanks again for using my stock. for that, i've featured you here!…
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Looks great! Thanks for using my stock!
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I'm so glad that fellow adventurers are enjoying this! That makes me happy! Thank you all for such wonderful comments!
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What this had to take forever to get the lighting and colors to work together o.O
well done!
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Thank you! It was definitely a challenge and took quite awhile. I started figuring it out, but need a lot of practice! Hopefully can do better on the next ones!
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I'm amazed, because most of the time with multiple models the work is monochrome, but wow :clap:
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Oh my god! I was playing a D&D rol this afternoon!! This is amazing!! Very great color contrast ^^
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This is brilliant!! Took me right back to being younger and playing D&D :D  You did a great job with all that stock!! Thanks for including mine in there!! :D :hug:
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Are you kidding?! It was my pleasure. Your stuff is so amazing you could build an entire world with it! :)
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A motley crew if ever there was one! nice job.
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Haha thank you! The way they all look together really reminds me of my old gaming group trying to come up with a battle plan. I can't help but smile looking at it! :)
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