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Yeah so I'm trying to get more work done nowdays, and starting up the cake toppers again soon, maybe the shots I have of those on here are old, there are newer improved ones on my website, you want a cake topper? Or a sculpture? Send me an email.
Also if you use other networking sites, follow me and I'll follow you, lets get those numbers up peoples:
There are more but I can't remember them.
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Ah this looks a bit more like it! My appologies to everybody that left messages and faved work over the last few months, I stopped using DA as I just found it far too confusing having all the messages and deviations stacked together in no order. But this new version looks a lot better! And I'll start replying to those messages asap.
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First off my work has been featured on Liz Lomax's site in a big resource she's putting together for anyone interested in 3D artwork, there are plenty of links to interesting sites on there, and there will be other artists featured over the coming days and weeks, so for those of you with an interest in all things 3d it's well worth a look:
Liz is an award winning 3d artist in New York and has some really great work on her site, again well worth a look (
Also I am accepting commissions so if there is anything you would like sculpting feel free to get in touch for a quote, I prefer to work within the size range of 5 to 16" and pieces can be made from fired polymer clay or molded and cast up in a high quality resin.
  • Listening to: 80's rock
  • Reading: the walking dead
  • Watching: ropey horror films
  • Eating: lots
  • Drinking: lots
Well it took me over a year and a half to reach the big 1000 pageviews, though admitedly I wasn't very active on the site, but I've just logged on to find I've recieved over 700 in one day, as well as 400+ messages, I wondered why, then I saw that one of my pieces had been made a daily deviation which is awsome! So a big thank you to everybody who took the time to look at my work, and especially those of you that commented on it, and an even bigger thanks to Junoluver for recomending the piece, check her page out while you're at, there's some really cool stuff there! I will try my best to respond to all of you and check your work out in return:)
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