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Finally! I'm done with the design :D. It took me awhile to get it right and perfect. I think this is the best I've done so far.

Things I used:
[link] WEB UI Treasure Chest v 1.0 (for some buttons and stuff)

[link] Comments button (For the comments button on the news)

[link] Social Media Icons (Social Icons)

[link] Wood Texture (Footer)

[link] iMac on the top

And I can't remember where I got the macbook pro and iphone templates, but who ever made them, thank you for making them :) !

Everything else by me.

Hope you like it!
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Fargonon's avatar
haha! Love the hurpderp blablabla XD
Delta909's avatar
Looks great man the over all design is very nice :).
ChrisVme's avatar
thank you very much :>
N0Trust's avatar
Awesome. when you going to add it to the site?
ChrisVme's avatar
FrankAnims's avatar
ChrisVme's avatar
Thanks frank c:
Please tell me it will be english.

I love the design, it has good contrast and the colors are really nice. Im inspired now.
ChrisVme's avatar
It'll be English, lol. And thanks c:
NubbyGG's avatar
That is really sweet dude, looking forward to the site ^__^
ChrisVme's avatar
medoo-khfaga's avatar
looks very nice well done :D
ChrisVme's avatar
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