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Nisha-Serpents of Old

By Christy-off
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Drawn for :iconheserpenty: for her comic, Serpents of Old. Nisha is the head bartender of the bar that Merek lives at? (Serpy, what is the name of the bar?) Nisha is tall, maybe like 5'10".  She is intimidating at first, but once you get to know her, she's very laid back and fun to be around. But if you make her mad, WATCH OUT.

She loves her mom, but her father was abusive. Her mom is not as strong as Nisha, so in a lot of ways, Nisha took care of her family. She's a natural leader, but definitely has some trust issues with men. She is single and would prefer to stay that way. One of the few men she trusts is Merek. They have a very playful relationship and are often seen arguing. There is nothing romantic between them. :P

Let's see...I think that's all the info I came up with, of course I can do more if needed.
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I swear, I have only seen Nisha's info just now, but for some reason, both Nisha and Rewald (my OC) also have sweet mothers (well, Rewald's is unsure because she died at childbirth) and abusive fathers. The only difference was Rewald has a slightly darker past and both his parents have already kicked the bucket as of now.
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
WOOO there she is! SO excited for her to be in the comic! :D :D
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Christy-offStudent Digital Artist
:D I'm excited to see that drawing you did of her!!
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
YES! Scanned it on! Just a matter of finishing it! Page deadline... it draws near T^T