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This is very interesting. I like the composition, good color choices and the background looks awesome. The idea here is cool. The execution is a little scatter-shot, though.

First, the photo choice looks beheaded. I am sure this is not intentional, but you can't see enough of her face to know that she's got more than a neck stump with a little hair thrown over it. At first glance it looks fine, but it's really jarring on closer examination.

You have a LOT of elements here, and while most of them mesh, a few of them do not. The white lines going EVERYWHERE make things look too busy. The stuff on her stomach is kind of WTF, I have no idea what you were going for there (some kind of mechanical ... thing, maybe?). Nothing feels unified. You've got all this computer-looking text, the little brown diamond things and then ... uh, random yellow butterfly wings? And ribbon things. And the computer text appears to identify stuff, but really isn't. Having many elements in a picture only works when there is a unifying theme, like "Oh, this ties in with that element up there!" WTF only works when that's the point, and too much here DOES work for me to think you were going for randomness. Next time put a little more thought into what you add to a picture. The kitchen sink only works when it's in the kitchen.

Finally, it might just be me, but I would have three engine exhaust ... things on her back, rather than just two.

To sum ... it's a good picture, flawed, but interesting. You had a good seed idea, but too much randomness has sapped its energy. Don't assume just because it's a photo it's going to look good in your picture, and put a little more thought into what you choose to include.
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