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Excellent. Good composision, good color choices, excellent blending techniques. It's almost flawless. I especially like your choice of complimentary colors here. The yellow with her purple shirt makes the picture pop.

A few of the grunge spots are poorly placed, especially the one over her left (our right) armpit. It looks kinda like she either has funky hair or funky sweat. Also, the only blending problem I can see is that there are no other objects that pick up the lighting on the girl. That makes her look a little isolated and cut out. You might want to use a few other photo clips (like table lamps or something) to give her an enviroment.

Excellent job and I look forward to seeing more.
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Lilshadow Featured By Owner May 6, 2009
Awesome, thx for the critique I really do appreciate you taking the time to do it. I thought the colors worked good too, The shirt was originally black and right when I made it purple it made the piece pop as u mentioned.

Thx for pointing those things out, I still wanted to do a few touches up here and there and u gave me some great suggestion that will definitely be worked on.

As for an environment, I did try to add other objects in but it seemed to distract from the piece. I'll try out some other objects and see what i can get.
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