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When I was a little child, my grandmother used to tell me stories about some creatures that appear in our world from time to time. The legends and the beliefs of every place always have a dark and mysterious tale to narrate. The curiosity for every eerie thing made me feel that I craved for such stories, even though, to be honest, I was afraid of them :D . In Greece there are certain beliefs about some creatures that appear in our world on Christmas day and live among us for the next twelve days. These creatures are called Kallikantzaroi(goblins). It is said that at the rest of the year the Kallikantzaroi live under the surface of the earth and try to cut the big tree that holds it, in order to fall down. With axes made of wood and stone the Kallikantzaroi hew the tree that holds the earth, but before they cut it, Christmas arrive and they forget their task so they ascend on the earth, in order to peeve the humans and do various mischievous things by sneaking in their houses through the chimneys. The Kallikantzaroi are creatures of the night and during the day they hide from the sun, because they fear it. When the twelfth day arrives, January 6th(Epiphany), the Kallikantzaroi return to their subterranean location, but in the meantime the tree has become the way it was before, so they have to cut it again from the start.
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