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How The Stars Are Born

Another dreamy night sky painting

available for printing

Photoshop cs4

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O...M...G gorgeous! I luv it! Can you do a cat on the moon? A nice black cat with shining white eyes sitting on the moon playing with the stars.

That could be a song now that I think about it.....

vvvvvvv Gorgeous poem!
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I can do anything!

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This picture inspired me to write a poem to my lover. It reflected my feelings and hers when we first started going out. I wanted to share it with the amazing artist who created it.

~Written by Rissa for Emma Roebuck
The moon wept it's golden tears into the water.
The bright shining drops cascading through the sky as if they were fireworks falling in reverse towards the earth.

The stars did not cry for the moon, nor did the clouds shake.

They sat and watched as the moon wept not in fear or sadness.

The moon wept in happiness...
...for it knew finally, the long night is coming to an end.
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Thanks Rissa. I'm happy that my art inspires the others. Nice poem! Hope both of you be together forever! :)
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me gusta tu trabajo <3 
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This is by far my favorite piece of all time!!!! <3
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So Beautiful! Love
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This is just stunning! I love how the light drips and flows, awesome artwork =D
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what's your monitor name ?
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Do you mean the brand? EIZO my primary and ASUS the second
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ok. and is this monitor ips or not ? and what's the default contrast/brightnest degree of the monitor ?
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