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Evil Ice Element

There will be more elements in the future, like earth,water,thunder etc and there will be good and evil ones.

This element appears only in cases that the temperature is subzero and something bad has happened, for example in glaciers.Unlike the element of fire, this can last more according to the environment where appears. It can keep its energy if the area around continues to have a temperature under zero.
The lowest the temperature, the most powerful becomes. It also has the ability to freeze the water, even huge lakes. If you see something like that, stay inside and keep warm.

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Such a great idea! Very nice! Clap 
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I wonder how would the rest of these bad boys look like :D Just some ideas:
- Earth one could be made in a powerful destructive mudslide
- Air one ... well, in here I`m thinking of destructive tornadoes or hurricanes
- Water one is kind of tough to imagine, but maybe shipwrecking and giant floods have something with it?

Feel free to use these ideas and no worries, they are optional for you. Your own ideas are massively appreciated too :D
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Thank you!! :) one i will create them! :)
Dreamer-In-Shadows's avatar
Anytime and I`m totally expecting your take on these bad boys :D
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you should make fire and ice together. :meow:
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Awesome! My favorite elements - Fire and Ice :)
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Love. IT! :love: Πανέμορφο και τρομαχτικό! Είναι ρεαλιστικό χωρίς να χάνει το στοιχείο του "σχεδίου" και επιπλέον, έχει κίνηση, είναι ζωντανό! :love: Εν τω μεταξύ, κάνει που κάνει κρύο έξω, το βλέπω και παγώνω χειρότερα :P Ή μήπως είναι από τον φόβο μου; :O_o: :XD:

Πανέμορφη δουλειά, keep it coming! :D :thumbsup:
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Απο το φοβο σου μαλλον χαχα!!
Σε ευχαριστω πολυ!
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Oh snap! I'd hate THAT to pop put of the ice in the middle of Nome.
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Shouldnt it be an Ice or snow elemental?
christoskarapanos's avatar
oups! thank you my bad!!now it's ok!! :D
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