Honey's Artjam June 17th Update!

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Yes my friends, It's been a while but I've up and decided to do an Artjam about my Honeys series!

I've been doing some like these >>>> Honeys Akasueeda Sweetie by Christopia1984 Honeys Arch'a Charlotte Charcok by Christopia1984 Honeys Calima Callie Squi'kala by Christopia1984 Honeys Mer'via Mericia Cu by Christopia1984 Honeys Moa and Toa by Christopia1984 Honeys Paluk Paulina by Christopia1984 Honeys Oska'Tu Odette by Christopia1984 Honeys Croa Croakie Poak by Christopia1984 Honeys Che'La by Christopia1984 Honeys Bia Bianca Goa by Christopia1984

Thankfully :icongrrriva:,:iconintrastele:,:iconevaheartsyou:,:iconenchantingrainbow:,:iconhotgum:, and :iconkaylanostrade: has been doing a lot of my Honeys Aliens. Here >>>> Calima by KaylaNostrade Oska by Grrriva

Mature Content

Oska Nude by Grrriva
<da:thumb id="525310825"/>

Mature Content

Croakie Nude by Grrriva
Croakie by Grrriva COMMISSION Extraterrestrial Beauty by Shadako26

Mature Content

Che'La nude by Grrriva
Che'La by Grrriva Total Drama Honey's - Commission by EvaHeartsYou COM:  Happy Birthday by EnchantingRainbow

Mature Content

Bia Birthday Commission by HotGum

Mature Content

Bianca nude by Grrriva
Bianca by Grrriva Thanks guys!!!

It was then that I up and decided to do an Artjam! That right! An Artjam about my Honeys series!

From April 20th to June 30th everyone will use my OCs to wear sexy outfits and/or your own OCs or fanart in these uniforms Honeys Uniform base design Ver.2 by Christopia1984 to either work at Honeys  an Intergalactic Hooters serving any alien cuisine, Honeys Manstaurant Station by Christopia1984 or put into situation like space slugs or space tentecles but must put this honorary logo with it Honeys Artjam logo by Christopia1984

That's it!Rules are three to two entries at a time! Leave me a note! I hope everyone will have a great Artjam, and I'm looking forward to either their sexy humans or their sexy Aliens. But keep it three minus rated r.

This is :iconchristopia1984: \II/, (vulcan sign) Live long and prosperous!

6-17-15 Update!

It's June and so far I got four entries and three from yours truly!

Here's mine......

           Honeys Cindro Cindy Pieca by Christopia1984  Honey's Delioa Delia Forpok by Christopia1984  Honeys Ale xaca Alexis Se'rka by Christopia1984

Still waiting for more from those who I sent hundreds of note to anyone who see these and participate.

So far...

:icongrouchom:, :iconchizu-ps: & and :iconselvarr: has sent me these.....

Unchy by GrouchoM  Comm.Honeys by Chizu-PS  Welcome to honeys by Selvarr

Thanks guys! :D

This journal had 1k! Hopefully They like what they read and would like to participate! There's still time before 7-30

As I motioned, I may change the deadline to July 30th because some deviants can't participate due to the previous deadline.

That's right! Deadline is July 30th!

Still looking forward to more. So, Godspeed everyone! \II/, (vulcan sign)

~~~.I.........,.......................O.OZ.                ~:=:                 
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                           ~MN            ZOOOOOOOOZ8IIIIIIZIIIIII$   .....   
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                           ~~N        .~~~~~~==.           .                  
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