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christophr Avatar February 2019

Hi, I am christophr, but you can call me Chris ^^

I have acquired numerous titles over the years, such as Element of Diamond-shaped Things, El Mago, Chrisman, Master of Chickens, Magical BoyGirl, Trap Lover, Artistic Supervillain and many more.

I really love to draw stuff and in fact am a trained Media Designer Digital/Print on my long, slow step-by-step road to one day become an actual part of a cartoon-making team. That is my dream, and I actually try my best to achieve it.

If you like my art, you can always ask me to draw something for ya ^^ I'll do it if I'm capable of doing it ^^ It's usually for free since I'm having fun doing stuff Also, everything you find here is free to use, I don't mind ^^ At least as long as you don't just replicate it to claim it as a thing you made. As long as you don't do that, I am sure we will all get along just fine

Or to explain it more clearly: You can use it in your comics, wallpapers or whatever you want, but don't just replicate the original into your gallery, because that's just unoriginal.

Also, feel free to converse with me to your heart's content, I'm a nice person and I won't bite unless I have a reason to ^^

Alright, have fun around my premises and mind the interdimensional portals. Don't want any OWCA agents to get lost in the ghost zone.


(Don't ask what this is. Pirate101/DeviantArt crossover stuff for my DA-tag, I guess...)


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Favourite Visual Artist
I guess still EStories *shrug*
Favourite Movies
The Madagascar Movies
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Danny Phantom, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Miraculous Ladybug, Mahou Shoujo Anime in general
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The guys who do the Ace Attorney OST. That stuff is AWESOME!
Favourite Books
The "Becoming A Girl One Day" Mangas
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None at the moment
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Pirate101, Legends of Equestria, Attorney Online (The chat client), Drawn to Life, Ace Attorney, Danganronpa
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Steam I guess
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Photoshop, GIMP, sometimes a little bit of Realworld Paint. I draw with mouse.
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Cartoon Animation in general, Genderswap and Traps
People now: *Complain about Eclipse being bad* Me: *Has used Eclipse for a while now pretty much ever since the option became available because I already knew all the way back then that DA would eventually take away the old one because that's a very
Today I learned that Princess Pretty Cure has a character called Princess Twilight. However, she's not a purple alicorn and is, in fact, evil.

The Pacifists - Episode 1-3 Release

The Pacifists - Episode 1-3 Release

Hey, remember when I asked questions about 2 Magical Warrior Story Concepts about 2 months ago? I got no answers, but that sure ain't stopping me! So I am just going to release the first 3 Episodes of my first story, The Pacifists, right here, right now! I am releasing them on Google Docs for formatting reasons, because I really like to have some good freedom in formatting. So if you want to read these first 3 Episodes, go right over... HERE "The Pacifists" Summary "The Pacifists" follows a group of 5 Magical Girls whose goal is slightly unconventional: Instead of fighting evil, they want to try and reform every evil entity they come across, no matter how evil or irredeemable they may seem. Their "No Killing" rule is an admirable thing that The Pacifists strongly stand by... but sometimes it's hard to keep the mantra up...

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hey.  thx for adding me to the MLI group.  I'm trying to get the newest version of the game but it's hard
christophr1Professional Digital Artist

To be fair work on MLI has been cancelled since like early 2019, so sadly there won't be any more official updates to the game. The website's still up though, and you should be able to get the last version here:

(Still only contains the first case, as Case 2 was never finished before the project got cancelled)

They've made Case 2 assets and an unfinished Case Creator public on the Home Section as well though. Some of the assets are pretty neat I gotta say, never checked out the Case Creator though, so I can't say anything about its usability.

when i went there it got me to version 1.1.2 but everytime i open it it says i need version 1.1.3 and i have trouble updating that.  what do i do?   where's version 1.1.3?  
christophr1Professional Digital Artist

*checks the link that says "1.1.3"*


H U H .

Lemme ask first, which operating system do you use? Do you use OS X (According to Google, that would be Apple/Mac? Not sure.) or do you use Windows or Linux?

paladinwillsteelHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not too late (in my timezone) to say HAPPY BOITHDAY!
christophr1Professional Digital Artist
Heh, thanks ^-^
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