More of my pictures at deviantART (Part 4)

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And another new jounal entry with more of my pictures at deviantART after the old entry exceeded the limit of 60kb.

Ansuchi published:

Baka-Miyu published:
Joe II by Baka-Miyu

Berry-Cosplay published:

GianMarqu published:
Bakuman: Drawn Into My World by GianMarqu BAKUMAN: Groovy Is What We Are by GianMarqu

Chocolatcoffee published:
:thumb151871594: :thumb151978322: :thumb152910280: :thumb152911344: :thumb152911882: :thumb155380834: :thumb155382929: :thumb171193917: :thumb171194512: :thumb171194346: :thumb171194857: :thumb176006753: :thumb176007893: :thumb176011474: :thumb176012414:

DarkMoonProject published:
Respect by DarkMoonProject Honour by DarkMoonProject Adventure by DarkMoonProject Revolution by DarkMoonProject Mercury: Ice by DarkMoonProject Mars: Fire by DarkMoonProject Jupiter: Thunder by DarkMoonProject Venus: Love by DarkMoonProject Neptune: Ocean by DarkMoonProject Pluto: Time by DarkMoonProject Saturn: Silence by DarkMoonProject Chibi Usa - Future by DarkMoonProject Sailor Chibi Moon - Eternity by DarkMoonProject
(I have to say that I don't really like the way the pictures are edited.)

Feena91 published:

Firiless published:
wanna play by Firiless

Hanny-Honeymoon published:

hearmylullaby published:

MademoiselleLin published:
Kimi ga nozomu eien by MademoiselleLin Kimi ga nozomu eien II by MademoiselleLin Kimi ga nozomu Eien III by MademoiselleLin

JulianMoore published:
:thumb155827740: :thumb160638458:

KashinoRei published:
Watanuki - 1st of April by KashinoRei Star Ocean 4 - Arumat by KashinoRei the Prince and the Knight by KashinoRei Simca - Speed by KashinoRei

Kuroshitsuji-Usami published:
Next Shamankings by Kuroshitsuji-Usami

LadyBerii published:
:thumb150026276: (edited from the original) :thumb169004797: :thumb169113807:

Lena-Lara published:
Lara Croft Portrait by Lena-Lara Lara Croft: Tomb Raider by Lena-Lara :thumb163163642: :thumb163222991: :thumb163617391: :thumb163617701: :thumb163618016: :thumb175453975:

moonlitwave published:

Muyuobyou published:
Vocaloid : Luka Megurine by Muyuobyou

Amapolchen published:
APH - Austria 2 by Amapolchen :thumb162328353:

o-Rike-o published:

Sadistic-Sweet published:

sawyerlein published:
KH - Port Royal Sora by sawyerlein HP - Dreaming by sawyerlein HP - Wingardium Leviosa by sawyerlein HP - On her way to Hogwarts by sawyerlein

Shigeako published:
OP: Portrait of Hancock by Shigeako OP: The Angel by Shigeako

ShinjiNagi published:
Ojamajo Doremi by ShinjiNagi .KH .Kairi by ShinjiNagi

SweetLuminia published:
Lau and Ranmao - Kuroshitsuji by SweetLuminia

TerraEbon published:
This world will burn by TerraEbon Until the End... by TerraEbon The Skin of Evil by TerraEbon For my Love... by TerraEbon

xAka-Bakax published:

Yamane published:
ToV - Spinning Flower - by Yamane

yohko-san published:

Yume91 published:
:thumb164601305: :thumb164601044:

Yuna-VI published:

Zhenya-Chan published:
World's No. 1 Princess by Zhenya-Chan
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