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Another commission piece, this time of Zatanna. Inked full size illustration.

Character copyright © DC Comics
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You have really great work - I wish I could draw half as well as you - but from a couple of the pieces of yours that I've seen, there always seems to be something slightly awkward or off about their poses.

But like I said, it looks awesome otherwise.
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I have a good explanation for that. Drawing is really hard hehe. I still struggle with it and probably always will.

Thank you for the kind words.
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Nice. Zatanna is one of my favorite characters. Good to see your take on it.
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Hiya, I colored this! You can see it here [link]
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very nice work, the face of Zatanna reminds me the classic Adam Hughes style...:)
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Comic Hero is a comic art feature.
This week the article is about Zatanna and your deviation was choosen to be featured :)

Click here to read the article.
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Oh, I really like your work. Really, really like!
KirqArts's avatar have the cleanest lines I've seen this side of Frank Cho, & Joe Sinnott!!! Amazing work!
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Man, thanks alot. Cho I can believe cause he uses the same pens I do, but my dreams:)
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mmmm Zatanna. her breasts are lacigam.
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This is so freaking sweet !!

Nice work very slick

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Damn fine. Damn Fine.

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Very cool, very clean.
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i trhink this is the best one you've done in a while, everything is perfect! I'd love to see this colored.....
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Thanks guys. The client likes his woman with a touch of slutty so that's why she's wearing garters instead of her usual "all the way up" fishnets. I love garters myself, so I had no problem with that LOL
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One of my favorite magicians. Dr. Strange is the man when it comes to magic, but Zatanna makes magic so....apealling!!! :D
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Amazing.. I'm a huge Adam Hughes fan.. and that makes me really judge the female anatomy and pretty much everything about a draw such like this one.. hehe

And I've become a fan of yours to, even 'cause I can see some of Hugh influence.. am i right??

You're truly amazing.

Cheers from Brasil.
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Just some corrections.. hehehe

'...a fan of yours TOO*'


'HUGHES* influence'

you know how it is.. I speak Portuguese, totally diferent.. hehe
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Your'e right. Adam's a big influence on me. Especially whenever I'm asked to do a woman. It's hard not to think..what would Adam do? He's set the standard for gorgeous comic woman and it's an impossible standard to compete with, but I can't help but try;)
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Great work. The ink is terrific.
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