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X Men Evolution Rogue

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This was a cool one. Drawing some of the funky Rogue designs from her past. It was nice to try a little mixed media on a Marvel cover too. Hope to be able to use more of it on future covers..if they come.

Microns, Copic markers and Dr. Martin's Bleedproof white on bristol board.

Rogue © Marvel Comics
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KenozoicHobbyist Traditional Artist
I always liked the first one (far left) best. Very cool!
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I love all rogue
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Nicely done. The 90s era of Rogue is my favorite. :)
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same here
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daniloleaoStudent General Artist
seus trabalhos são muito bons
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nicely done.
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MelioremHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, cool!
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KythanaHobbyist Traditional Artist
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FanBoy67Professional Artist
Fond memories of the Silvestri-era faux-hawk!
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I love Rogue, shes the bomb, your art is beautiful! More please, maybe Storm?
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TicoDrawingHobbyist Traditional Artist
i love that inking, its so clean
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realy cool!
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AthenaGargoyleStudent Traditional Artist
amazing how they changed Rogue over the years
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This is a great piece! Also, I'm in awe of how you managed to keep her features so consistent across the different versions. That must've been a bit of a challenge (or would've been for me). Kudos! :)
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PLEASE tell me this is gonig to be published!
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Yup. This is a cover for X Men Evolution. I think that's the name anyways.
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nice, i look forward to owning this.... I HOPE Marvel doesn't screw us consumers and make this one of the incentive covers.....
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well he he he hello ladys
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SpiderGuileProfessional Traditional Artist
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howlett66 Traditional Artist
Wow, this is beautiful Chris, wow!

Gotta love Rogue eh?:)
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I don't know if someone else already mentioned this but in Rogue's first appearance she had two white stripes in her hair. If memory servers, that was Avengers annual #10 circa 1981.

Very cool picture. One thing I dig about the X-Men is their costumes change with the time, unlike most DC characters. Granted there are the occasional duds.
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I find Roque deadly. If I kiss her, I'm dead. When you think about it, she is the most powerful superheroine.
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I still give that honor to Sue Storm. That's one girl, I'd hate to cross.
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If Roque kisses Sue, then Roque will still win........ I think I might've been carried away.
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