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Wonder Woman sketchbook

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This one was a pain in the ass. It was in a sketchbook and I'm not a big fan of working in sketchbooks. At least...not when Im doing these mixed media pieces. My hand hangs of the right side, I can't spin it and work at different angles very easily, it's heavy and bulky and just a pain. I totally get it though. I'd like to collect commissions in a bound volume like this too. It's a cool idea in theory, but a real hassle.

Anyways, I was going for a classic WW look. I think I have more fun drawing WW than any other super heroine. Not sure why that is though. Maybe it's just the history behind the character.

Cool and warm prismacolor and cool copics with white paint on vellum bristol board

Wonder Woman © DC Comics
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Wonder Woman in fine form, standing strong!Nod :happybounce: 
Classic cool and beautiful artwork 
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I love your finish, classy.
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SilverwoodFoxflameStudent General Artist
Wonder Woman is my favorite DC super heroin. ♥

Wonderful work. Love the classic feel of her!
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LamontKINGHobbyist General Artist
This piece may have been a pain for you, but it's one of my all time favorites!!!
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Thank you for all of the comments. You're way too kind.
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LamontKINGHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome sir and I'm glad that you're a humble man with extraordinary talent!  Regarding the kindness, it stems from Jesus being so kind to me; so I try to share it as much as possible; thanks.
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lenlenlen1Professional General Artist
You mix prisma and copic? interesting. What does that do for you?
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devBabarHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing composition and great style 
luv it :)
would love to see more like this..balloon 
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That is a really sweet piece. Love the classic costume.
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GlowcrowHobbyist Digital Artist
Seriously, you have this crazy amazing thing going on when you do long hair, mostly on female characters that is. There is something even Alphonse Mucha-like in it, but it's completely unique and in your style. I love it, it makes the character look wonderful. That plus her golden lasso which you've used as a great element in the piece are one of my favourite parts of this ensemble. The background supports her well, and lets the viewer to just rest their eyes on her wonderful features - she pops out well against the cold tones. I like the glimmer on her chestpiece! Nice work (:
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Thank you:) I always have fun with long hair. Black hair is the most fun as I can just ink it solid black and make abstract shapes out of it.

This is still one of my favorites. When a piece works, it just works.
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GlowcrowHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, and it definately shows! I think it's just overall a spectacular job. It's a very unique touch, it made me stare the image ( and plenty of others in your gallery like it! ) in awe for a longer period of time. It's such a cool detail!

It certainly does. And you've done so well on this particular piece.
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Thanks. Pocahontas. I saw that Disney film years ago and the way they rendered her hair always stuck with me. Now, anytime I do black hair, I see shapes instead of real hair.
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GlowcrowHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw no way! Pocahontas is pretty much my favourite Disney animation, Glen Keane caught her features so perfectly - and I think the hair is what gives her that piece of mystic essence. Hehe, what a great thing to pick up (:
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Yeah, for sure. The way her hair would move around in the wind and having it solid black just looked so great to me.
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InstantPhotographerHobbyist Photographer
Loving the soft colors you used in this piece. It has such a relaxed atmosphere.
The whole thing is great.
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WW...Perfect my friend. That's all I can say about this work of art.
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Wow... she looks so badass!!! Love it!
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gravenimagezProfessional Artist
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JohnyBlazzzeHobbyist Digital Artist
all your efforts were granted-the work is just great!
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SimmguyHobbyist General Artist
Blown away...I love Wonder woman and this image is perfect :) Thank you for posting!
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