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Believe it or not, this is the first Venom commission Ive done. Kinda strange, right? After all these years and probably a couple hundred commissions, this is the first Venom. Weird. Anyways, thats too bad because I had a really good time working on him. He's one of those characters that you can really put your own stamp on in terms of overall look.

I wasnt really sure what I wanted my Venom to look like, but I remembered an image I'd seen once by Simon Bisley. It looked almost like a gorilla had been taken over by the symbiote and I really liked that idea. It was different and kinda funky looking. This is sort of my take on that with the huge arms, long torso and kind of short legs. The face is a bit of a generic Venom though.

Anyways, this was a real fun one. I wouldnt mind working on the character some more.

Prismacolor cool and warm markers with white paint on vellum bristol board.

Venom © Marvel Comics
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Pretty sweet! I like this a lot.
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amaaaazing!!! :dummy:
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Very good man !!!
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one of my favorite villains 
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Venom is so awesome 
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Somehow for me it carries the old school vibe. Meaning it in the best possible way of course. Over the top, muscular, savage beast. The way Venom is supposed to be. Too cool.
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Love the picture btw
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intense physique 

I enjoy it 
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how do you do this ;A;
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how large is the board that you did this on 
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always a good size 
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Awesome piece!! I'm loving it
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wow amazing work i really liked.and your style is impresiv
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$#%&*'in awesome!!!
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I just found this in another great artist's favourites and I like this a lot. The Gorilla concept is pretty easy to imagine as the human would be infested, in a way, and hindering his/her genetics so it could take a step back and show the primordial nature of the symbiont’s ways versus a human's true nature. Its a good concept overall. Try it again. Nice one, 'Veddie Nyze indeed'.Clap
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whoa check out those toenails! this is the coolest sh*t i've seen on here yet. *applaudes* well done.
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