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Ultimate WWII Cap

Has word spread that I like drawing Cap? I don't know, but I've been fortunate enough to get a number of Cap requests and I won't complain. This one's a bit different with me trying my hand at Bryan Hitch's Ultimate WWII Cap. Very cool design and close to what they'll be using in the movie from the looks of it.

Prismacolor cool and warm greys with Bleed Proof White paint on vellum bristol board.

Cap © Marvel Comics
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"What're ya waiting for ya sissies? Christmas!?"
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Great work!

This is by far my favorite Cap costume. 
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Savage Captain America rocks! Style here is fantastic.
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WOW! excellent control over your markers. love the values, and the edges are super crisp. love it dude.
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now this is cap!
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Excellent.................the detailing on the flag is great to look at.
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Sweet bro! Nice traditional skills. I can't see any pencil grain. I thought it was digital before I read your notes. Great job!
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Awesome! love the tone!
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Perfect! good job!!
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If Marvel knew what they were doing they'd have made this a poster for the movie. Your work is incredible. I'm incredibly jealous of your talent.
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Hehe, thanks. A movie poster? Yeah, I'd be good with that:)
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great art!
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Holy Hell!!! All of your work is stunning, but I think this is my ABSOLUTE favorite!!
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