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Thor vs Kong

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Maybe my favorite Marvel cover so far. It's simple, it's Thor and it's a big ass gorilla foot. Good stuff. I was originally asked to do a Godzilla foot. That would've been even cooler, but they chickened out. They were worried about a lawsuit or something. Drat.

Microns on smooth bristol board

Thor © Marvel Comics
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aaronloprestiProfessional Traditional Artist
Is it too late to say I love this?  I love this!
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It's never too late to say something like that! Thanks, Aaron:)
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I, totally digging the ink/brush work on this!!! What did you use?
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Thanks. Same ol'. Microns pens and the Micron brush. The Micron brush is a complete piece of shit, but I use it to get that dry brush effect when they start to wear out..which usually takes about ten minutes.
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My favorite concept that I've seen (so far).
Love the foot digits!
Properly executed & well done.
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TicoDrawingHobbyist Traditional Artist
i love the intensity in this piece ,as well as the detail
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RansoloProfessional General Artist
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avancnaHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Bad monkey! Thou art a bad, bad monkey! Desist, or I shall smite thee!"
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LOL.....................never seen these two coupled together. Top marks for originality and of course execution. Love the detailing on Kongs foot.
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SpiderGuileProfessional Traditional Artist
It's great homage to this famous Hercules cover from back in the days!!! Terrific art!! :)
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You mean Hulk! ;)Thank you sir.
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SpiderGuileProfessional Traditional Artist
I meant this [link] but you're right, it's based after this [link]
You're most welcome, Chris! :)
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BrentMcKeeProfessional Traditional Artist
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WescoastHobbyist Traditional Artist
Can't wait to see this in print! :)
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NickMockoviakProfessional Traditional Artist
Love it. :thumbsup:
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orabichProfessional Digital Artist
Amazing work Chris!! :D

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MentalPablumHobbyist Traditional Artist
Too, too cool.
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o137oHobbyist Traditional Artist
looks great man
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thawkStudent General Artist
How can you copyright a foot? Yes Godzilla would have been a lot cooler but this works goot too. :D
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excellent work.. as usual !

reminds me of an old Hulk cover by Jim Steranko.. am I right ? =]
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