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The Joker's Gamble

Traditional inked full-size commission piece.
Not digital! :)

Feel free to color this piece for fun, just make sure I`m properly credited.

The Joker and Batman © DC Comics
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© 2009 - 2021 ChristopherStevens
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This piece is so epic - I had to use it for colouring practise. It's here: [link]
Better than most of the artists working for DC now.
I'm so sick of the crappy animated 'The Batman' version (not the uber cool Mark Hamil voiced Joker in Batman The Animated series) and the over rated film version.
The cassic comic books are the best The Killing Joke, The Joker's Five way Revenge, The Laughing Fish. That's the REAL Joker.
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Taking one of his laughing fish hostage! XD Classic Joker humor, reminds me of Mask of the Phantasm when he uses a meat loaf to defend himself against Andrea instead of the knife. Good one, matey!
ChristopherStevens's avatar
Yeah, it's a risky move on his part. He does live dangerously though:) Thanks!
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Eh, once Batman grabs him he could try and shove the fish in his mouth so the Joker Venom would kill Bat-boy. XD
Archonyto's avatar
This is amazing and perfect! That fish is creepier than the Joker! Heck of a commission piece!
logicfun's avatar
baby bay one more ti.. a..color ^^

you can see it on my deviant,i hope you like it
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That fish looks really psychotic. :) He he.

And awesome inks! I'll take traditional over digital any way...
very nice arm. the joker isn't bad. leaves something to be desired though. keep it up. you could be great one \
BeSharpShot's avatar
"Back off bats! Or he gonna go sleep with the fishes!...get it! HAHAHAHAHA!"

that the dialogue i get out of that picture.
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Great drawing. Fantastic inks!
Nekoo0's avatar
Cool joker's fanart :)
Look at my version here [link]
spidermanfan2099's avatar
Hey Chris, I just finished throwing my colours onto this piece.Great to work with... It'd be cool if you'd check it out


Cheers dude :D
ShawnVanBriesen's avatar
Kickin' inks, man!
DragonOfHeart's avatar
whoa! that's incredible D: you're skilled, man
WhiteRoseBrian's avatar
Very good!

Get a load of these!



K-Bol's avatar
hi. i tried to color this one.


your drawings look great by the way. i love the way you ink those too.
Haven't seen a joker fish in quite some time, not since the animated series, thanks for the memories
Zounderth's avatar
magnificent! faved! :)
theassassinnox's avatar
How do you make your big sections of black so smooth? I would have never guessed it was traditional media!

Beautiful work (and one of my favorite themes!)

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Put.. down... the fish
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Hell Yes! Now that's Ballin! That Joker is just priceless.
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