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The Bride

My first Bride, but hopefully not my last. This was good fun. I did a bit of redesigning on her,but not much.
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Totally awesome, i love her
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Wow. You've hit this so far out of the park it's in another country. 100% nailed.
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This might be my favorite piece you've ever done! striking composition and it s really dense with BG details too.

Wonderful toes .
I think your B and w art is your best really fantasic.The squared off chunky skulls are the cherry.Luck to ya .
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Your work is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing!
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I know I say this so often - yet here again is a case where you are able to take a character/property with which is otherwise not as notable, and turn it into something incredible. Everything about this piece is so wonderful - the veins in her feet, the energy spikes from the arc towers....hell even the broken down mortar between the brick walls. It's all - truly quite remarkable. 

It's tough to get into comparisons, and even though I'll say it before - this is as fine of work as Fraz or MObius did in their time. It's a joy to see it in my lifetime - and to do so at a time when it's grandeur can be truly gauged. 

Gotta get a sketch cover one of these days, Chris sir. 
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That's really kind of you. Thank you much!
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Is this real? I can't believe it's perfection and coolness.
Your work is breathtaking once more.
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I am a big fan of the older horror movies such as these.  I know I keep saying this, but you make me jealous. You captured the overall feel of the movies of that era with this. All I can say is. Bravo! The other pros out there doing marker illustrations has nothing on you.
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she is beautiful! I think this has to be one of the best you've ever done! I love it!
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Is this for sale?
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Long gone, but thanks for asking:)
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Dang. That is beautiful. And the design is spectacular.
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jeezus you piss me off ;) - in the way that makes me wish i was a better artist ... awesome awesome work my friend.
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Thanks, Sunny. I really appreciate that:)
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