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Star Wars - Darth Krayt 2

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Test artwork for Hasbro.

This is a two pose design for a Darth Krayt sculpt. Both sides have to match pose wise so that the sculptor has a consistent design to follow.

Character copyright © Lucasfilm
Image copyright © UDON Entertainment
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Megatronsenpie7's avatar
This is a very detailed sith. Nice work!
ThomasBlack1's avatar
that's just wicked!
Krayt's an expert in Jar'Kai. I think he should have 2 lightsabers.
Cedric116-B45's avatar
Cool! Nice sketch of Darth Krayt :);)
avatarzuka's avatar
i think darh havent left leg right arm
Tha-RIPPER's avatar
Wow! Amazing anatomy!
Chaosman92's avatar
so is He going to be made as a figure?
caz-divad's avatar
darth kryat is a wonderfully angry man.... my question is how he lived so long, isn't he technicly human?
Krayt himself explained in the comic that he had learned Sith techniques to prolong life. Also he spent a lot of time in stasis.
scottalynch's avatar
He was a jedi... yoda lived for over 900 years... :?
caz-divad's avatar
yeah but yoda is also not human. i mean the human life span rarely spans longer than a century.
scottalynch's avatar
I think the armor might have something to do with it.
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Nice work.........That must be so tricky drawing him accurately in such detail from 2 perspectives.
FrankRapoza's avatar
Ya, love this angle... nicely done!
minibond411's avatar
Awesome, I love Krayt Dragons (I'm assuming that's what he's somewhat based off of)

All in all, awesome sketch and posing for both that you did :)
scottalynch's avatar
He's wearing Yuuzhan Vong Vonduun Crab armor. He took his name after the dragons because he is originally from Tatooine.
Where do you get this info?
Is there some book exists?
scottalynch's avatar
He's in the Star Wars Legacy comic book. Here's his biography: [link]
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So, are these for some sort of miniatures game?
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