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Spider Man Color

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Copics and watercolor on vellum bristol board
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This one is more academic ! ^^
aoasunfire8's avatar
You need to do the next Marvel Masterpieces set that comes out. Too awesome! Great job!
lordrueben's avatar
Wicked cool Spidey poster!! 
Raz0rphade's avatar
Very VERY dope my man !   great job !
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SpiderGuile's avatar
Simply sensational!
jelanisr's avatar
Just amazing- and spectacular- I love it! Your coloring control is mind boggling to me
jihef03's avatar
Amazing! That Goblin looks totally wicked!
Atlas0's avatar
arm01's avatar
Solid! Spider-Man is my all time favorite hero. Great work!
KIRKparrish's avatar
unreal man. those flashes of green there are a nice touch
kykomonoto's avatar
DO you do commission? if so how do i get in contact with you 
kkirven's avatar
OH DAMN! This is nuts Chris! I would pay a million bucks to see the process work on this one! You get the color & grey tone markers to play so well together.
ChristopherStevens's avatar
Can I get that in writing?

kkirven's avatar
Ha! anytime brother. Saving up for my next piece from you.
LostbunniesofWendy's avatar
Sorry, this is a way to badass for me :D
mikebeals's avatar
I really love this, and that you're using traditional media. Keep it up!
unilion's avatar
I would also love to see the video of your coloring process. I'm in love with your work!
LostGiant's avatar
Beautiful work.
syr1979's avatar
amazing work !
Dracojerk21's avatar
This is nice! (except it looks like Spiderman is a woman with no boobs...maybe add a bulge to this?  I can't imagine that suit hides too much even in shadow...)
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