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I finally took the plunge into color. And not to my's pretty damn hard. Me and color have never gotten along, but I'm determined to move on and get better at it.

This was my first attempt and I dont hate it. It was a real learning experience and I was convinced I'd ruined it a dozen different times, but the final results could've been so much worse. Because of my trial and error approach to color, these take me a lot longer to finish, but that's how it goes sometimes with art.

Prismacolor and Copic markers with white paint on vellum bristol board.

Dr. Strange and the Mindless Ones © Marvel Comics
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jbyrd117Student Traditional Artist
Chris, I literally look at this picture almost every day.
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Hehe, thanks! That's awesome!
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jbyrd117Student Traditional Artist
What did you find so difficult about working in color when you drew that picture?
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The main thing with color markers is that theres only a couple shades of any given color. With grey, I've got 10 shades to work with and I use all of them to get the rendering I want. Color doesnt have that, so I have to use my grey markers to help with the shading and it's pretty tricky to combine the two without it looking like crap.
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jbyrd117Student Traditional Artist
So for some of the color values did you put gray down first and then color over that?
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At first, I put the greys down first, but later started putting a flat color down, then shading it with greys and then adding a bit of darker color. I did a bit of both in this piece.
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GABaker-AuthorHobbyist Writer
Ah yes, the Doctor is in! I love Dr. Strange, such an under appreciated character. Your coloring is spot on, this is really great piece.
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Thank you very much.
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i like it. its got a bit of an old school feel, prolly from the color choice but i dig it. great stuff as usual man!
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This is mine, and I didn't know it was posted until cruising the net today (that sounds icky). Great piece and I can't wait until my name comes around again! Thanks chris!
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Hey man. Yeah, if you like my work (that should be a safe assumption heh) check back in here regularly. I post up a lot of my commissions and published work. Thanks for the support:)
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ArtbroJohnProfessional Digital Artist
Not sure which is more impressive: That you did this with markers or that this was your first attempt with color!
It looks Fantastic!

As far as "convinced I ruined it a dozen different times", I know exactly where you're coming from.
I've had a couple of pictures(including one that became the heading for my website) that I nearly threw away,
but then thought, "I'll sleep on it and make my decision tomorrow".
And then the next day I thought, "Hey, this isn't so bad..."
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HasgarnProfessional General Artist
Well, yeah it's pretty hard.
You say it.

But, if this is your first painting, well you did some great job !!

Color contrast (Green light and red shadows), grey valor (you master that point as far as I can see, and you succeded in transposing it in color), atmosperic perspective (the closest is the subject, the most contrasted and saturated in color it is).

Your images are not contrasted enough yet, but, that is really good !

Congrats, man !
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KAIndigoProfessional Traditional Artist
This is amazing!
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KveldvaahiimProfessional Digital Artist
I really hate colour too. I'm not bad at it, but I just hate the result because I prefer muted colours. :shrug: Do you find not using much colour hinders you in terms of employment?
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Well, so far no one has hired me for color. You could say its because they like my b/w work..or maybe its just because I dont have much color under my belt. Not sure. It's something I barely comprehend when I'm working on it. problem. That makes sense to me, but color....
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KveldvaahiimProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, and thank you for answering my questions too :)
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KveldvaahiimProfessional Digital Artist
I hear you totally - I can completely hate an image once I've coloured it. Your grayscale work is beautiful though, as is the limited colour you sometimes put on it (and indeed your colouring attempt here) I don't personally think it detracts from your work, rather it adds it's own uniqueness.
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Great Doctor Strange!! Beautiful piece and you captured the feel perfectly. Love to see Doc drawn like this.
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Great stuff as always... so jealous of your skillzzzz lol.
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orabichProfessional Digital Artist


:groups: [link]
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possibly one of the best we've seen from you. Awesome job!
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