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Skull Kickers

My buddy Jim Zubkavich and I created these guys some years ago. Jim being the unstoppable force that he is, soldiered on to do a whole series for Image that is well worth the read if you haven't checked it out yet. It's a really fun and lighthearted take on classic fantasy adventuring fiction. I was trying to make a definitive Skull Kickers image and do something special for Jim with this one which of course never seems to work. I'm happy with the piece, but "definitive" images always seem to happen by accident. The harder you try to create something magical, the less likely it is to happen.
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This is awesome. Skullkickers is the tits! And i'm blown away you do all this work with traditional mediums. You're a GENIUS man, and you make me work harder.
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That's very kind of you. Thanks:)
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Man, I could only dream of pulling off gradients like that with my Prismacolors.  What do you use?
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Thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by "what do I use?" 
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Your medium.  I suppose these grays are made with Prismacolor markers, or something similar?
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Yeah, Prismacolor cool and french greys and Copic cool greys in this case along with Dr. PH. Martin's Bleed Proof White watercolor paint.
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such bad assery. awesome sir!
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Great comic. I was hoping for a bit more violence though, hence the title...
Wicked pencil pin-up, Chris! :thumbsup:
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Thanks. It's marker and watercolor. Yeah, the original two stories we did for Popgun were pretty violent and gory, but I think Jim decided to go a lighter direction with the main series for his own preferences.
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Ahh yes. They always wanna try to please everybody, huh. The few pages I did read/looked at were funny and a little charming though! 
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So many cool textures, wish I could get this much out of my markers :/
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Unbelievable holy shit wow
This is so rad.
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i dunno... looks pretty darn magical to me.  and badass.
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This is amazing to look at.
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Great piece for a great series!
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Very well done!
I'm a Skull Kickers fan myself!
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really great. so much good stuff going on here.
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