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Skaar 3 cover

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I think it's #3. This one had me scratching my head, but I can't complain. A cover's a cover. I was also happy to be able to do a Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. Cool! Skaar, Savage Land, Kazar, Devil Dinosaur..Kid Colt? Alright, why not.

Microns on bristol

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WorldofOkoStudent Digital Artist
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Loaznkicker4444Student Traditional Artist
man your good at inking. i can learn many things from looking at your pieces

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any time you get paid to draw a t rex is an AWESOME time :D
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mikeljaninProfessional Digital Artist
Stunning piece!
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I am most certainly picking up this series.
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Beautiful dude, simply stunning line work!
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PeterPalmiottiProfessional Traditional Artist
This is super Super Sweet! :)
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jusdogProfessional Filmographer
This looks great! I love your lines. I super love the composition too! However, the placement of the pterodactyls is kinda weird to me. They go right to the smoke, which kinda draws my eyes there, perhaps maybe the should point to Kid Colts chest...maybe? I don't know, that's grumbling with a gun to my head, all in all, this is A+ work my friend! :} We gotta get you in animation somehow!
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Animation's too much work. Thanks:)
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jusdogProfessional Filmographer
Really? I've found that comics is much harder! But I guess it's a 'different strokes for different folks' thing:} One of these days though, I'm gonna make you an offer that you can't refuse [link] :}
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This is top-quality work, man!!! Top-quality!!! Great job!
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Beautiful linework, Chris!
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I like Devil Dinosaur is like "Did you HAD to do that?" xD
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fantastic stuff! We need to get up a drink and draw down in charlotte sometime!
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so fresh and so clean :) nice work chris
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dusty-abellProfessional Filmographer
love it.....
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BrentMcKeeProfessional Traditional Artist
damn Chris, this came out great! love the perspective on skaar and the foliage.
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RossHughesProfessional Digital Artist
This looks great, Chris!
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