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Poison Ivy painting



The fun continues. No, really! This started as just a woman. I wanted to try and paint a nice looking woman. but during the drawing I decided I wanted to use green and she became Poison Ivy.

The interesting discovery in this one was how different colors dry at different speeds. That might be common knowledge to oil painters, but I was really surprised. In this case, the warm colors, orange (in the hair) and the yellow. The green bits were somewhat dry the next day, but the orange and yellow were still tacky 5 days later. Interesting!

I dont know how I feel about this one, but I will say that I really like moments in it. I love the happy accident way that oils work. Theres a stroke of two int his piece that I'm really happy with and I really enjoy that aspect of painting. You'll get plenty of accidents in pen and ink or markers, but the "happy" ones are all but nonexistent. They're very deliberate mediums. If it's there, it's because the artist worked to make it there, but paint does cool things seemingly on its own and that's kickass.

I know I screwed the palette up a bit and made the background more saturated than the figure. Live and learn.

Oils on masonite

Poison Ivy © DC Comics
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I think this is a really innovative take on Ivy. The bark/leaf-like growths on her brest, arms, legs, and pubic areas gives a remarkable sense of a living plant effect.