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I'm a huge fan of Walking Dead, so I was happy to accept this request. Michonne might be my favorite character too so this was awesome. More experimentation with mixing the warm and cool greys. I did screw up and give the one zombie a bottom jaw. Whoops.

Warm and cool Prismas, white paint and vellum bristol board

Michonne © Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard...I think?
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© 2011 - 2020 ChristopherStevens
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White-Rose-Brian Digital Artist
I found this through Comics Alliance.  Excellent.
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Really cool and original depiction of Michonne, love it.
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KaedegirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
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MickeColmanHobbyist General Artist
here is the colored version. Hope you like it.


see ya.
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MickeColmanHobbyist General Artist
wow, i love it !!!!
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DutchOvenSupremeHobbyist General Artist
i am so happy TWD show is back on track.

i've been a fan of TWD since i read the first issue in a "image first" book
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Narcissistic-KittieHobbyist General Artist
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She was so pretty before the Governor got to ger :(

Great picture, michonne is my favorite character in TWD
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TimberClipseProfessional Filmographer

Just wanted to let you know that you were featured in the most recent deviantART BirthdAy Countdown!

Have a wonderful day!

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periwinklepaintsHobbyist Traditional Artist
i looove the amount of control you have with the pencils! The blending is so smooth :)
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snazzy-lemonStudent General Artist
In his description, he says he used prisma's (which are markers)
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periwinklepaintsHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh yes I see that, i saw the word prismacolour and assumed pencils :P ....still amazing blending though!
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The-PathProfessional General Artist
great composition
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PlanetKojo Digital Artist
Now that is simply awesome! This could be the cover for a stand-alone GN of Michonne's story before meeting up with the group.
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This is stunning. I love you interpretation of her :)
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browniedjhsProfessional Filmographer
oh and what kind of surface material are you working on?
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browniedjhsProfessional Filmographer
this is absolutely gorgeous, I haven't seen control like this with copic anywhere, including some other big name guys, this is beautiful, man what I would do for a print of this
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Brett2DBeanProfessional Filmographer
great rendition, I can't wait to see her in the TV Series.
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KingVegoHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow...... well done
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jtchanProfessional Interface Designer
copyright is just Kirkman. :-P

Awesome take on her. Your work with the warm and cool prismas continues to astound!
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Ah ok. Wasn't sure what the arrangement was. Thanks.
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Love this a whole lot.
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