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I Am Cap

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A very fun cover series. I was given the SEAL frogman cover, but they were all cool ideas IMO. Take Americans doing their jobs and put them in Captain America inspired outfits or color schemes.

This cover was used for Uncanny X Force #12 I believe.

Done with my usual microns on smooth bristol board.

Cap © Marvel Comics
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This is the most dope rendition of Cap that I've seen! I love all of your works btw!
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Excellent job. Just love your style. The details, everything.

PS.: This type of military dive equipment does not realese bubbles.
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Thanks. The bubbles are just a cheat to sell that these guys are underwater.
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I know it. Just kidding... :)
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AKSupermanProfessional General Artist
This has a very Travis Charest feel to it! Nice job!
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Those teeny little shell textures on the ladder are way cool.
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Reminds me Gabe Logan from Syphon Filter! Great Work!
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Fantastic line work. absolutely beautiful.
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daniyelmoon Digital Artist
this is really sick great job.
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lodestone-lancerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the detail especially the hatching and shadows. Im also aspiring to be a great inker. I dont suppose there's a variant cover for this without colors? I want to get my hands on one.
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maurizio75gHobbyist Digital Artist
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Missed this the first go round, impressive line work and detail. The rendering is really well suited and doesnt overpower the image. Curious how the colors came out--Marvel has a tendency to color dark...wonder if your detail was lost?
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Thanks. This was actually colored very well. I can't remember the colorist, but I was happy with it and that's usually not the case.
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awashingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. How long does something like this take?
Well done!
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TicoDrawingHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow the inking work is so clean
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RNABrandEntProfessional General Artist
Damn, man, that's Bolland-esque...

Nice stuff.
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Youre too kind. Thanks.
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Fu*kin good man
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JBarraxJrHobbyist Digital Artist
marvelously intricate, detailed, skillful inking. Well done.
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KreepingSpawnProfessional Traditional Artist
HAHAH! :D Kickass!
And ~NotAnselAdams and I thought we came up with "SCUBA Cap" all on our own. ;p

Super awesome magic M-4! Now works underwater! ;p Don't mind me...
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Sorry i need english lessons :) i wanted to know the size of the nib (like 01-02) u used for the thinner lines. Thank you.
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