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A bust for a real sweetheart of a guy. This latest list got me a bunch of truly awesome friendly first time clients. Nothing against my other lists! Just extra friendly and cool cats this go around. Not a requirement of course, but it is nice:)

Marker, white paint and color pencil on bristol

Huntress © DC Comics
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Great art. Can I give a request?
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It's just incredible that all of these gray scale pieces are completely done in traditional media - I wish I had half the skill you have with a marker.
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This is cool ,love the black and white or gray and white .Eitheer way love this one ,nice !
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damn. how much is a commission like this?
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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous rendering, bro!
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:judge: Great work Chris!
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Came out Gorgeous man, love the textures!
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Beautiful shading. I am starstruck.
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You need your own lil comic series man.
If you would just do the Cover like that. EVERYONE will try to get there hands on them.
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Thanks. I'm working on it:) Not right now hehe, but I've got some things brewing.
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Wow, that's some of the best grays i've ever seen, cheers!
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excellent work!
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Superb! Great shading and form baby! XD
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Aight Aight! Your sick, your sick!! This is absolute niceness.!
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Fantastic image! I love how you do reflective surfaces. Nice pose and your framing with the circle and the cape is great.
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