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Hulk vs Thing

Yep..another Hulk piece. You won't hear me complaining though. He's always a blast to draw. Ben can be tedious with all those damn rocks, but I love the character and the results are always kinda cool, so I'm happy to do another one. This was my attempt at a Bernie Wrightson layout. Everything piled up on the left side and totally vertical. It was a fun piece.

Prismacolor/Copic markers with color pencil and watercolor on vellum bristol board.

Hulk and Thing ™© Marvel Comics
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Marvel needs to bring back this Vs. Especially now that Wolverine is "dead" 
Hulk would smash him to bits btw, but still bring it back!  
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Interesting tidbit about Bernie Wrightson, thanks!
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best damn fight in comicbooks. Your work does it justice.
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the rock texture on the Thing is great!
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Your art is so awesome!!!!! :D
Dane-manTP's avatar
No problem at all man, your art is majestic! :D
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Amazing as usual!
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This has got to be one of the most fun pieces I've seen you do, such a great blend of the old and new in your style.
Fantastic Work Sir!
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Beautiful work! The Thing is going to look like someone sat on a Ritz when Hulk finishes.
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Great work, love the shadow and depth. . .
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Very cool composition. If I could, I would put this on a panel in my room!
amazingpeople's avatar
I always said that there is no such thing as perfection... I was wrong
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YOWZA! This is Marker? I bow down to your skills. :worship:
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This is a great shot of a classic Hulk/Thing fight. I love how they're tumbling down the page.

I've always had an issue with Hulk/Thing fights, though. In the Marvel Universe, Hulk has always been established to be SOOOOOOOOO strong and durable beyond anyone else. Thing, on the other hand, is strong but not that strong. A lot of other characters are shown to be much stronger than him. But then for some reason, when these two character's fight one another.... they act like it's an even match. WTF? Hulk should be able to knock Thing out cold with one punch, whereas Thing shouldn't be able to do anything that would really hurt Hulk at all. But I suppose this kind of inconsistency happens ALL THE TIME in comics.
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the thing about "The Thing" is he's as strong as he has to be for the situation he finds himself in but if he's forced to do something that requires more strength then is obvious for his size and weight he must strain and push and heave to get the job done. in conclusion, yeah JoshRivoli your more then right about what would happen, i just thought i'd bring it up is all.
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it feels you can almost touch them...
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Beautiful piece!
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