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Heroes art auction piece

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Do to bad timing on a move, I won't be able to make it to Heroes Con this coming weekend. Heroes is the greatest show and I never miss it if I can help it. Crap happens. My apologies to anyone who was planning to stop by and see me.

I'd already finished my art auction piece though, so I've made arrangements to have that there without me. All funds go toward Heroes Con to support the event and make the fantastic show (and dirt cheap tickets to said show) all possible.

Didn't know what to do for my piece, so I went with a hot character like I did with Cap last year. That and I like doing these guys. Thought long and hard about going for the half nekid lady approach (sex sells!), but I figured Adam Hughes and Mark Brooks and a BUNCH of other artists who're better at that than me would already have that covered.

Warm and cool grey prismas/copics with white paint on vellum bristol board

Thor © Marvel Comics
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fanartbrStudent Digital Artist
Great work!
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ShadowXKnightHobbyist General Artist
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Seeso2DProfessional Filmographer
totally amazing!
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This is amazing!
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SixGunslingerProfessional Traditional Artist
Amazing work. Thanks for putting what tools you used at the bottom. Very much appreciate that.
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Jeeshwa123 General Artist
GODDDDD, it's almost like it has color to it. Your variations between warm and cool greys are simply stunning. I wish I knew my way around a prisma like you do.
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Dangerous-Beauty778Professional Traditional Artist
This piece was AH MAY ZEENG to see in person! One of my faves from the auction!
michaelflorentin's avatar
beautiful work.
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Great play of shadow and light.
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tonypernaProfessional Traditional Artist
Chris, you never cease to amaze me with your art. That Thor is fricken' awesome!
this joint was crazy in person,....woowwww, definitely one of the best auction pieces.
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I appreciate that.
Dammit, man! DAT CHAINMAIL [link]
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just amazing!
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NarcisticthinkerProfessional Traditional Artist
It always amazes me the crazy stuff you guys can do with copics, prismacolor, and white paint. Fantastic.
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The Thor was GREAT work. I'm sorry I missed you. You were at the top of my sketch list for a Captain America, but I will just have to try again next time. I have to say though that Adam Hughes and Mark Brooks and a whole bunch of others aren't better than you man. They're different, but they for damn certain aren't better. I look forward to the day that I can own a Chris Stevens Cap. Thanks dude, and take it easy. We all know how tiring moving can be.
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looks great!
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Thanks, Mark. Sorry I couldn't see this weekend. You've been doing such sick work...and you're probably still doing nine pages a day too. You're a beast!
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well......with all the deadlines lately, it seems like nine pages a

this is a great piece. i'm gonna have to buy one from you one of these days.
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Brutal deadlines? Serves you right for being so damned good. Even worse, you're fast and good. You're like the new Vince Colletta except you don't suck.

Thanks, BTW. I'd be happy to do a piece for you.
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just amazing what you do with those markers!
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