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Hellboy Sketch Paints

Sorry I haven't had any new art posts in a while.

Here's a Hellboy painting done up in Painter.

I found a cheap way to add a bit of impasto paint effect without actually doing all that bothersome painting. I don't know if it would show in print though.

Happy New Year.
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gemmillw's avatar
I love your entire gallery but this piece really PoPPED!!
Great piece.
shanrag's avatar
cool pic but why do you put it in traditional art?
liek the colors
ChristopherStevens's avatar
Thanks...Not sure why they're in traditional...just a mistake I guess hehe.
sjbernhisel's avatar
OKAY new favorite in your gallery. This is absolutely stunning.

I love the contrast and the bright red mixing in with the teal grays. Fantastic.
ChristopherStevens's avatar
JoshuaINK's avatar
Great job, man ;)
CostumesbyCourtney's avatar
You draw a pretty sexy Hellboy.
coNstantine2530's avatar
Ahaha, I have that comic! Great story, and great image!
Cappocat's avatar
The colorwork is amazing :) Nice!
TheFirstAlbatross's avatar
by far my favorite hellboy pic on this site
ScottPurdy's avatar
Bloody fantastic!
ChristopherStevens's avatar
Thnaks...Your name is ringing bells..did you hang out at the forum?
ScottPurdy's avatar
I did indeed.. 'blobsticks' is my name over there.. Do I know you from there then?
ChristopherStevens's avatar
Blobsticks! I DO remember you:) Yeah, I use to frequent that forum a long time ago. When guys like Storn Cook, Eric Lofgren, John Hodgson and...Scott Purdy were there;)Though...I can't for the life of me remember my username for it. It might've been Chriss2d...can't remember...but I remember you! Good to see someone still hanging in there. Haven't talked to most of the others in ages..Though John is on DA. Maybe others?
ScottPurdy's avatar
Ahh, yeah I was around while all those guys were there. Eric was the one who pointed me in the direction of that forum.
I can't remember your username either, but I do remember a Chris-summink-or-other who posted then went to Udon.. that's gotta be you, yeah?
Yeah Jon's around here, so is Eric. Storn posts a lot of ENWorld art forums and has a webcomic on the go, but I'm not sure how much work besides his own stuff that he does any more.
As for others I'm not sure.. but yeah I'm hanging in there and having a whale of a time doing it, it seems to working ok for me so far :)
I'm glad you're still around, I used to sit gaping at your mass combat scenes (assuming that was you).. your pencils were and are amazingly good.
tigereverskin's avatar
very impressive. and the red of his skin is so really sells the picture. great, great work. :heart:
thedanhale's avatar
I really dig your style. That is a cool Hellboy story too
SpiderGuile's avatar
Explosive Hellboy rendition!!! :o
MatiasSoto's avatar
wow! Coolwork, share your secrets with us ignorants ...XD
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