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Green Lantern- Marker Illo

Another marker commission, this time of the original Green Lantern

Green Lantern © DC Comics
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© 2009 - 2022 ChristopherStevens
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The muscles are amazing
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simply beautiful!
Scallops-n-Crackling's avatar
Amazing, makes me all nostalgiac.
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Man I love The Orignal Green Lantern!
GreyEureka's avatar
I'm absolutely in love with your style and use of grayscale. Marvelous!!!
Grimwell's avatar
I gotta say, Alan Scott is probably the only hero with a logo that is doing a 3/4 glamor shot.
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Wow thats freaking sweet, as huge gl fan i think thats just amazing.
mheuston's avatar
Very cool. Love Alan Scott
crazyfeetmcgee's avatar
I am a big GL fan glad to see Alan Scott get some love
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badass! i love how classy these pieces look
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Wow! you've actually made this costume look cool
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fantastic - lovely piece
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This is a great illustration man, you DO know how to use markers. Once again, truly awesome.
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What shades of gray are you using? Warm, cool, tonal, or neutral? I know you are using a white pencil to get some of the effects, I just want to know what shades are you using.
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I'm using cool. Sometimes, I'll use both warm and cool, but that's rare.
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Youre a super-star, man. Im just waiting for everyone else to catch on.
ChristopherStevens's avatar
They're taking their sweet time, let me tell you;)
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classic lantern, love the tones and the spacescape
Enforcer84's avatar
31 flavors of Awesome, Chris.
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HOW are you doing this?!!! This is really great stuff! I loved your inks but you're equally talented if not more so with a marker.
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