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Green Goblin- Marker Illo

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Finally getting caught up on scanning/posting new commission pieces.

Another commission done with mixed media (ink, markers, white paint touch-ups, white pencil crayon), this time of the classic Green Goblin.

Green Goblin © Marvel Comics
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That face would put the Joker to shame.
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the green goblin aka norman virgil osborn born (1958-2014) totally made the birth year up but i would suggest that how old he is any way. One of the most ruthless, manipulative, sadistic indivduals in the marvel universe. he is the sole person who has caused our boy pete so much grief over the years manipulating harry osborn, killing gwen stacy, killing his new born child in the clone saga and was the one responsible for the clone saga alongside jackal. i can go all day to describe how evil osborn is but it would take me hours. hes done so many evil things ive lost count lol. what makes osborn an intresting villian is that he just want to be in control of everything. he is so obsessed with power even before he became the phychotic green goblin which eventually caused his loss of sanity. many say venom, carnage, or even doctor octopus is his arch nemises. to me it will always be the green goblin. he is what joker is to batman or lex luthor is to superman. hell some would argue incuding myself he is both of those great villians combined into one evil insane individual. to me green goblin may be one of the greatest villians whoever lived and i will defend that til the day i die.
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rrwernerProfessional General Artist
Very nice work!!
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Love this! Black and white art is so cool and you got this one perfect with his classic look :D
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Really nailed the highlight on that shoulder and tricep. Great stuff!
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DwaynePinkneyProfessional Traditional Artist
This is hands down the best rendition of the Goblin I've ever seen. I only wish it were in color!
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olukluProfessional Traditional Artist
awesome, truly a masterpiece
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JohnCharles01Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic work,and nice to find someone who does the whole drawing/inking work!!! All your work is great,but i always did like the Green Goblin,so i had to fav this one lol Inspirational stuff!
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JustinRampageHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this piece. Great job!!!
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hawkwitchHobbyist General Artist
Fantastic! XD
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JoeyVazquezProfessional General Artist
How much are you charging for commissions? :D
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jmqrzHobbyist Traditional Artist
totally freakin' awesome!
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MazAdamsArtProfessional Traditional Artist
There is talented and then there's this...this is incredible!
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Well as the owner of this piece I gotta say its simply unreal in person. If you think the scan looks amazing you have no idea!!WOW!! Not only did you make a fantastic piece of art Chris captured the Green Goblin i grew up with. Its perfect and I love this!!!Also as someone pointed out the dark smoke and dark night background really look great together.
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RandyGreenProfessional Traditional Artist
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mikemayhewProfessional General Artist
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Those scales must've been a pain. But well rendered.

- D
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Derek! I guess you got home in one piece. It was a real pleasure meeting you, mate.

Yeah, the scales add a ton of time to these. They're pretty cool looking so, I don't mind the extra work.
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These aren't done at cons are they? They're like... done at your studio/home, right?
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Yeah, all of these are home commissions. If I did them at cons, I'd get two done the whole show and piss everyone off for being too slow! hehe.
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