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Golden Age Wonder Woman

This is for a real character(and all around great guy)and a serious WW collector, so I wanted to do something a little different for him. I tried to get that old school GA look as best I could. Kinda worked..kinda didn't.

Prismacolor/Copic markers with color pencil and watercolor on vellum bristol board.

Wonder Woman © DC Comics
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I love this. Not too many artists know how to handle The Princess, but you do! Bravo!
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:wow: Words are not enough to express how awesome this is!!
Gorgeous job, Chris - love your Amethyst as well!
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Beautiful work!
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The fluidity of the color is amazing. :]
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you just make woman look sooooooooo darn smexy, i adore them
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Geeze, that's impressive. Love the style, I think you got it spot on, and the markers are gorgeous. Love it!
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classic material here man
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Just wonderfully epic...full of class!!!
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Absolutely beautiful.
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this is so impressive!!
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This is one of your best man! Love it!
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Nice Pin-up, great composition, greys tones, anatomy.
I love it!!!

Thanks for sharing,

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weeeell the new costume makes sense in a "protect yourself in battle" kind of way... but what self respecting super powerful amazon woman needs protection am i right? looks slightly barbie doll to me (the new costume that is) -.- buuuut its still cool :)

I like this drawing :D i think the curly hair is a nice touch too :)
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All killer no filler man. :D
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Any thoughts on the "updated" version?
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boy I love the Skirt Wonder Woman... why can't the new Wonder Woman wear skirt?
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very fine work! :thumbsup:
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