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Golden Age Cap

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Love me some Cap. Always have fun working on him.

Prismacolor/Copics with watercolor paint and color pencil on vellum bristol board

Cap © Marvel Comics
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the bullets bouncing off the shield is awesome
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Cap is my favorite character and particularly the Golden Age version.
Great illustration!
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Granamir30 Traditional Artist
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Found you through someones favorites and I been lookin at your work for the past few days and i still can't find a favorite. (though this one is up there)

the smoothness on these is unreal.. I seriously went shopping for a set of gray markers and a blender today but they were a bit too spendy for the moment.

We need to see vids of you doin this stuff....would be killer
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Thank you for stopping by. Blenders are crap so you can save your money on those, but you can't go wrong with a set of Copics or Prismacolors. Copics are a bit cheaper in the long run with the refillable inks, but have a steeper up front cost. Good luck!
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OnikaizerProfessional Digital Artist
I have to ask what do you think of the ww2 style for the cap they are using in the movie, in case you have seen it
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I think it looks ok. If there was ever a costume that looks great on paper and would look awful on the big screen, it's Cap's. The route they've gone is probably the only one that might work. We shall see. I do think Evans looks great as Steve Rogers.
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boosterjones1999Hobbyist Writer
Only one thing I can say here....

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BAD(dramatic pause)ASS!!!
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Still amazed that you can do so much things with so simple tools.
I like the impacts on the wall. It gives all the ambiance.
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rockthearts1212Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im gonna make a Chris Stevens must be stopped group. my mind cant take much more kickass art.
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rostridgeHobbyist General Artist
Awesome piece! It looks like you were designing a statue, the way all the elements could be so nicely isolated in a standing view.
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Great Cap!
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marciotakaraProfessional Artist
amazing work as always :)
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KevMcNamaraProfessional Traditional Artist
Great work!
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I would fav each and every one of your posts but my folder would get full fast. :D
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I would LOVE to see you do a CAP graphic novel!
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I'd be interested in a WWII story, but man would it be tough! LOL. It'd take me a good minute.
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RagnarokerProfessional General Artist
Fine job on the Sentinel of Liberty! Those Nazis never learn...
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Never..and bless them for that..who'd Cap punch in the mouth in the 40's without them.
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RagnarokerProfessional General Artist
True that, dude.
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I really love your work and the technique involved.
Any minor artistic liberties are forgiven when you see the beauty of the piece you created.

Keep it up, man!
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