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Galactus- Marker Illo

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Finally getting caught up on scanning/posting new commission pieces.

Another commission done with mixed media (ink, markers, white paint touch-ups, white pencil crayon), this time of Galactus.

Galactus © Marvel Comics
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warahi General Artist
It looks like it's out of the Incredibles
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This looks like Jack Kirby drew it, nice job!
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Ricosplace53Hobbyist General Artist
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raimenakenHobbyist Digital Artist
Galactus is here to stay....
kolmec1's avatar
my favorite Marvel Immortal:)
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DanOceanHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic!! I love Galactus! He's incredible!
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KaedegirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
OH MY GOD§ this is so brilliant oO love the water (if it's water) effects on it oO
ChristopherStevens's avatar
Thanks. Its meant to be lava, but since Galactus is so huge, it does looks like water.
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KaedegirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh *coughs* thanks for the info XD I'm looking a bit stuid but it's fine, I couldn't know :p and you're very welcome! in fact it's always a good surprise to see your previous work :)
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Medallion2012Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is retro beautiful!
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GeotrixQueenStudent General Artist
So badass he's probably the reason why Doc Manhattan runs around naked all the time.
MitchoftheDead's avatar
But Galactus was a cloud! Duh! Fantastic 4 RotSS told us this! Duh!
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UnderbaseHobbyist Digital Artist
the sheer epicness of this drawing is simply appalling.
and in all traditional tools just amplifies it. fantastic work!
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DarkBrainComicsProfessional Digital Artist
EPIC! Thank you giving Galactus his due! Extraordinary shading work too, as usual, just awesome.
BrentMcKee's avatar
BrentMcKeeProfessional Traditional Artist
really enjoy your work chris! great stuff!

ChristopherStevens's avatar
Thanks, mate. I just checked your gallery out and you've got some very nice stuff too!
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BrentMcKeeProfessional Traditional Artist
love your work man, and thanks for the watch!

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jmqrzHobbyist Traditional Artist
just impressive!
hclix's avatar
Impressive. Pure and simple.
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Yes, ilove your Galactus, he is GIANT.
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JesterretseJProfessional Traditional Artist
by far my most fav of all the marker stuff ...
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DSilStudent General Artist
Great! It has this old-school drama to it, like a German Expressionist film.
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