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Exalted 2nd Ed - Yeddim

Here's a creature pic from the Exalted 2nd edition core rulebook.

The creature is a huge pack animal called a Yeddim. The final printed image in the book is quite small, so now you can see the detail put into it. Enjoy.

Colors by the talented Kevin Yan of UDON.
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Damn that is an epic mount...
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I'm angling to have my lunar ride one of them as a merchant, and should I -ever- go to a desert, it's time for the clothwrappings and bantha-poodoo jokes.
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I like this drawing, I shall like resuming(taking back) him to put him a BG, with your permission.
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This is one of my favorite things about Exalted, ever. I am glad I randomly redecided to look for pictures of Yeddim's on DA! great work!

The shading, and brushwork is amazing. Definately like the howdah, and how the "face" / snout is, with the bit in place. I think it's cool that the toes bearing wear (left front) are spread out.
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Haha~ Yo I colored this one eh? =P herbert didn't have time to do all of it so I helped out with the batch. All good though ;)
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Edited the description so it's now correct.

Thanks Kevin!
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Awesome!~ you didn't really need to change it but i appreciate that! have to edit my posts and link some of them to your DA page too! A lot of the stuff in my gallery, you pencilled!
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Thanks guys. I wish I could take credit for the colors, but they were done by Herbert Kwan. another one of the many awesome painters at Udon. It was great to finally get an Exalted book that was in full color.
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Nicely done. Looks comfy.
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exelent concept!
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I spent 30 minutes examining your brushstrokes, haha! Very nice texturing, and kick-ass concept. I have to favorite this.
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I wonder what it tastes like.
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