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Dr Strange- Marker Illo

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Another commission done with mixed media (ink, markers, white paint touch-ups, white pencil crayon), this time of Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts.

Doctor Strange © Marvel Comics
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© 2009 - 2020 ChristopherStevens
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Amazing Dr Strange :)
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KarToon12Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is amazing work!  I wonder what spell he's trying to cast?  He looks a tad frustrated.  :giggle:
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Very Cool! Your style really suits the Mystic Arts and Dr. Strange.
The 'fire pot' caught my eye right off, it almost looks real or 3D, and because I have one that 99% similar to that with fake fruit in it, kind of gave me the willies.
I'm partial to the Comic Book Mystics (I could name an infinite list!), I was always cut between working class Constantine & the well dressed upper class Dr. Strange because they were opposites on the spectrum.
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TudaliaStudent Traditional Artist
luv ur drawings...espiacially...the black cat one!!!!wanna b my frnd
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I-PlexiglassHobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic work, good sir- I love the structure of his face, and the overall outfit paired with
the shading and composition ties it all together.
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KAIndigoProfessional Traditional Artist
I love this, I absolutely love this.
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GregLakowskeProfessional General Artist
nicely done,little details look awesome.
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Sorcerer Supreme! Ditko would be proud
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This is great. I'm writing an academic book about superheroes and am interested in artwork featuring Doctor Strange for a chapter on virtual reality. Would you be willing to offer permission to reprint if I give you the credit you are due as artist? I can be reached at Also my web site is [link]
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edgejrStudent General Artist
wow looks awsome!the details everything :D
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somehow you totally managed to take Vincent Price er I mean Steven Strange, and make him bad ass.
Probably the best and most eye catching Doc Strange I've ever seen.
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Thank you much! He does have a bit of Price in him eh? It must be the under lighting heh.
redskullrudd's avatar
I just figured it was all that 'channeling' he does at the weekends lol. seriously though great piece, no one gets detail the way you do.
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This is so cool! I've just become acquainted with how amazing this guy is. You've certainly done him justice with this image!
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Always been ahuge Dr. Strange fan. It's just hard to do a comic on the etheral.
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jmqrzHobbyist Traditional Artist
nice comp on this piece!
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wordmongererProfessional Digital Artist
Not sure how you manage to keep getting better when there doesn't seem to be much further up you could go. Positively astounding.
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statman71Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks great Chris! Gerry is a lucky fellow to get this from you.

I gave it some colors here [link]

Hope you like 'em.
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MrEBlackProfessional General Artist
I love Dr Strange + I love great art= I realy love this!
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Hey, my favourite superhero!
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I can't get enough of these pieces bro.... and the fact that you add a background makes it much more enjoyable!
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Thanks, yeah, it seemed to need one and I didn't want to add the circle window that everyone uses.
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