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Darth Vader

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Found this one when I was cleaning out a folder. My first Vader. Kinda works. Bit stiff. Vader was a stiff guy though so it's all good.

Prismacolor, Copics and white paint on vellum bristol board.

Darth Vader © George Lucas
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deiby-ybiedProfessional Digital Artist
Great work I like, Even though I hate to users jejejej dark side of the force...
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Buckskin415Hobbyist General Artist
I'm kinda just working my way through your gallery, and when this popped up on my screen Vader's theme just started in my head :) This is awesome.
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RErredeProfessional Digital Artist
:) Damn... This is amazing. And with prismacolor and copics! <3 Fantastic!
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rellik1138Hobbyist Digital Artist
:empllama:Excellent job:emplllama:
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Kai-RikuduoHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing! I pray that you don't alter it any further!
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knightorderHobbyist Digital Artist
"My first Vader. Kinda works. Bit stiff."

Given that it is Darth Vader we're discussing, I don't think you need to worry too much on that front. After all, Darth Vader is fairly ponderous in his movements at the best of times...
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Damn this is just Iconic! It reminds me why I like Star Wars in the first place, the imagery.
Damn shiny if I do say so myself
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JericaWintersHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome gallery!!
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wordmongererProfessional Digital Artist
Your work never fails to impress me.
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That is awesome!
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Most impressive.
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nicely done
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jmqrzHobbyist Traditional Artist
tjis is badass!
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Hail You Master!!...
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RagnarokerProfessional General Artist
Great textures here.
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yellowis4happyHobbyist General Artist
Your ability to convey textures still astounds me. God, this is so gorgeous.
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DarthWill3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's my kind of guy!
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It really looks like one of those early Vader concepts! Coolness!
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Yeah, it kinda does. Even though I used an on screen reference hehe. Goes to show you how bad I am at reffing stuff.
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Nonsense!It turned out really cool! :D
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Good stuff. :)
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